Anyone a starwars battle front fan?

So who still plays these games?

I played the crap out of those games a few years ago, and still play them from time to time.

Starwars battle front is the best game ever.Dude dice from battle field is planning to make battlefront 3. Best part is that disney isnt taking part of making battle front 3.

Dude I totally shred on battlefront 2. I’ve gotten legendary on all the stats. Except marksman. And that’s on purpose. I don’t like the upgraded rifle… it’s got to much power not enough range.

I agree
I cant get remote control rockets.
I dont like the elite rifle either.
I just like the basic rapid fire rifle

In Battlefront 2 my favorite class was the engineer. That elite shotgun DESTROYS!!

how to get rockets QUICK!:

  1. Instant action: Hoth
  2. Shoot the neck of the at-at (not sure if name is right… The really big one)
  3. Shoot until reward is obtained.
  4. Wait 1 minute.
  5. Kill your character
    Repeat steps

It still takes a while, but it’s much faster.

Also, have you guys found the “walk out into space” glitch?

Could just use a droid character and walk out through the airlock shield in Polis massa

no, “the walk out in space glitch” is when you park a space ship in between the shield on a space level then jump out and BOOM you’re in space and can walk up and down the edge on your ship.
Also on space mygeeto you can even jump on the frigate.

Oh yeah I think i did that i landed on a empiral star destroyer and walked out abit. But not for long cause Im suffocating.

Interesting. Whenever I do it, I don’t suffocate. Do you happen to be playing the first one? or the psp version?

Ps2 version

Same here… I dunno man… The only place I can suffocate is polis massa! lol :smiley:

Bf2 Rocks i love shotguns and rocket launchers and sniper rifles ;D ;D ;D

Im obsessed with all of them! I have it for psp i like the frontier mode better on bf1 but bf3 story line is the best in my opinion

I loved these games when I still had a PS2. But now I am excited about the new one that was announced at E3.

bf3 is out? Did it come up at e3? I wasn’t to in touch with e3 news -_-

whoa theres a Bf3 well ile have to check that out

its been out i bought like the first copy

I just wiki’d it… Bf3 was cancelled, and the newest bf game is ‘DICE’ or is being made by dice, or something like that. And it will be released in 2015 or so. With a commercial released at e3