bf4 or CoD ghosts!?!?!

Hey guys, so I was wondering if you had the chance to get battle field 4 or call if duty: Ghosts, which would you get? I always joke around (well, kinda “joke”) that BF4 is gonna (I said that before they came out) be way better than ghosts. Like the graphics, and I kinda feel like call of duty is just starting to do worse. I said those things because I never thought I would get either. But now I can get one, so which one? I think being in space, and having aliens instead of zombies is really cool for ghosts, but I know nothing about BF4. soooo what do you think?!? Thanks :smiley:

I have BF4, and am planning to go to the Ghosts release tomorrow. On PC, I’m a bit annoyed about the BF4 servers dropping, but supposedly there will be a patch for that. Other than that, I’m loving BF4 so far. A friend of mine managed to get a copy of Ghosts early (last Friday, I believe?). I haven’t played, but supposedly you die very fast…

That might be one if the game modes. Like if I kill you, I hate 30 seconds to kill another person or I die.
Outside Xbox anybody? I like that channel


References: BF2, BF3

No, he made it clear that the guns kill very fast in the game–to the point where it is nearly impossible to react if you don’t have first shot on someone else. He wasn’t talking about cranked. Supposedly specialist has also been greatly nerfed… We’ll just have to see though! :smiley:

^^^ ohhhhhh okay
I just watched a bunch of “battle field 4 vs cod ghosts” videos on YouTube and in all of them, battle field won. Even when it’s a video where the guy doesn’t tell you, you can tell he is leaning towards bf4. But I guess it isn’t too fair since ghosts hasn’t came out yet…
Now im leaning more towards BF4… :wink:

Crysis 3

I think im going with BF4. It just looks nicer to me, and it has “Leveloution”, and a bunch of vehicles. It looks awesome 8)

BIG CAT: you said you already have it, right? how’s the champaign? I hear it’s bad with like 7 missions…

I didn’t have it, but now I do!

Initial impressions of the multiplayer is that the maps are a bit to large to support the fast paced gameplay we are used to seeing from CoD. Like I said earlier, guns kill very fast.

Usually, my favorite thing about a new CoD is the fact that when the game comes out, no one knows what guns/weapons to use. With Ghosts, it seems everyone’s got it figured out–it feels like everyone is using the AK12 or SC2010 (the last one feels a bit like an ACR from previous games).

Oh yeah, there’s also an LMG that’s hip fire only. Haven’t played campaign, but I’ll report back soon. :slight_smile:

I feel the same in them muddle bigger paragraph. I really liked to prestige in CoD because it’s a challenge to see what guns to use and stuff.
I’ve heard the battle field single player “embarrasses itself”, but the graphics are supposed to be good.

Haha, I love showing my friend (all-out CoD fan) these videos on YouTube by a guy named “C1int beastwood” called battle field v s Cod, he makes un of cod a lot LOL

I’m probably gonna get both eventually but I am definitely looking more forward to BF4. I feel like ghosts is just gonna be just the same as every other COD game I’ve played in the last few years.

Get a yoyo.

I was a diehard COD fan for a long time, but battlefield is just a better game IMO. It feels like you’re a soldier, not Rambo Schwarzenegger Norris, the god of war who needs no support to shoot six people and then call in an air strike.

I couldn’t have worded it better my self. In BF you actually need team work. In cod you can just go try-hard and kill everybody without caring for your team.

Haha Rambo Schwarzenegger Norris LOL I get it ha

The full name is Rambo Schwarzenegger Norris Stallone Van Damme. I also like that in battlefield you don’t need to kill 25 people to fly a helicopter. You just need to… you know… get a helicopter.

you have won the internet

As a PC gamer I’ve stopped touching anything Infinity Ward makes. They are consistantly making bad PC ports. And the reactions I’ve seen to Ghosts seem to further confirm that. The game is supposed to be “next-gen” which would lead me to believe that it would actually run decent on PC’s, but several reviewers have reported performance issues, stuttering in the menu screens and you can’t seem to alt-tab when you’re in the game.

CoD seems to be losing features and PC functionality with time (at least with IW’s games, Treyarch does seem to at least care), and it makes the games uninteresting for me.

I’m a dedicated sniper so battlefield is my game. Bulet lead and drop just make the game. In this bf you can dope your scope. There is also an unlockable range finder. They also finally put in adjustable power scopes

Ghosts is THE worst console port I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever played the first Assassin’s Creed on PC? Just trying to get an idea of how bad it actually is.