Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4


which one do you think is better so far by the information that is out there?
I know there both very different first person shooters but I was just wondering what yoyoers like better.
Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4


Not much of a fan of either, but I would say Battlefield. COD has been the same repetitive crap since 4. plus, Battlefield looks like it will have an awesome campaign.


I’ve been with call of duty since black ops but the multiplayer for battlefield 4 looks so awesome
I don’t know which game I will go with since call of duty is going to have a new game engine
so I don’t know which one I like better but all I can say is that I’m with PS4 all the way. :slight_smile:


I’d say battlefield 4. Especially if COD is similar to the past few games. Battlefield’s huge battle style has always been awesome to me and I also feel like COD has been too repetitive since 4.


Battlefield is the superior game.


Well, based on the footage so far, BF4 looks like it’ll have a good campaign, but I wouldn’t count on it. We all thought BF3’s campaign looked cool, but it turned out to be quite bad. I hope it’s good, but I’m mainly in it for the Multiplayer. The next gen BF4 experience looks as if it will rival PC, which is great, because PC Battlefield is awesome. I like the new changes being brought in, and can’t wait to play it1

As for Ghosts, the campaign looks solid, like most CoD’s, and while multiplayer is a bit repetitive, somehow, I’m drawn back. As of now, we’ve yet to see any Ghosts mulyiplayer, so I can’t speak for that too much. I’ve preordered both Ghosts and BF4, and I can’t say which one I’m more excited for.

Background: I’m an avid FPS fan, and have played a TON of both CoD (take your pick), and BF, especially BF3.


If I really had to choose one, BF4. I won’t buy either though


I bought Battlefield 3 a few weeks ago when it was on sale for $5.00. I’ve been playing it at least an hour per day ever since and I actually think I’ll buy Battlefield 4 when it is released.

I used to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when it first came out, but I haven’t touched the series since. It was amazingly fun back then when I could actually sit down and play it with a few friends in person, but these days it seems like nothing more than a bunch of yelling and shooting.

Battlefield 3, on the other hand, actually demands a lot of strategy and planning. You absolutely can’t win if you don’t communicate with your team and act as a unit. That’s something I didn’t expect from modern FPS games and am very happy to have found.

For me, Battlefield 4 looks infinitely more promising.


I may have to go with bf4 this time around because ever since mw2-3, infinity ward has been making the same repetitive cod games. Mw2 was mw1 with new maps and mw3 felt like number two with a few updated maps. I really like Blackops and treyarch but infinityward has failed me the last few titles, so this time I will have a change of heart.


Battlefield 4 prides itself in having a better engine and better graphics, CoD has puppies.

But you know what? Crysis 3 has already achieved graphical supremacy.