Battlefield Hardline


Anyone know about it or seen the trailer? What are your thoughts on this new game?


I think it can go one of two obvious directions: amazing or horrible.

It’ll either be a complete polar shift in Battlefield that works well, or be COD: Police Time GO!!! Either way, some people will yell and others will yell louder. I’m not going to buy it until I know which camp I fall into, but I do know that Battlefield 4 disappointed me severely and the Frostbyte engine is difficult enough to work with that any new games created on it are to be treated with suspicion.

I sincerely hope it takes the Battlefield formula of large maps, large player counts, and great customization and adds in interesting objectives that we haven’t seen before, but we’ll probably just get a “Battlefield” branded version of Payday 2.

(WildCat23) #3

Well, DICE is certainly being kept busy. This, BattleFront, and Mirror’s Edge 2 all at the same time?