Call of duty or Battlefield?

For all you gamers out there, the million dollar question. Which game franchise is better, call of duty or battlefield? I personally like Battlefield a little better because of the amazing graphics and realistic gameplay. What do you guys think?



Team Fortress 2.


Yea starwars! I’m so pumped for the new Battlefront

This thread will now be hijacked by starwars

:D, I know. I am a HUGE star wars fan, I had battlefront 1 and 2 on the PC. I’m not really looking forward to the new one though, because there are no space battles and the new disney thing just isn’t my taste.


You know, you may have not noticed, but no one has answered the actual question yet. :smiley: Which is better, Call of Duty or Battlefield?

Its all opinion based

That’s the question. ???

Better is relative.

Call of Duty makes more money.

Battlefield has tanks.

Tough comparison…


Destiny is actually not that bad…

It’s absorbed me


A couple years back this was the question that determined friends in middle school. ;D In my opinion it was stupid how some kids took it seriously but I play both. Both can be fun, both do good in their gameplay direction, and both are talked about a lot so fair game. I’ll continue to buy each title that comes out because I never learn haha. (excluding BF Hardline)

That is very true. I am still trying to decide if I should get star wars battlefront or black ops 3 this november! :smiley: Call of duty has been taken over by little kids though…

Yeah those moments when you go online and you have an uneducated 8 year old with a microphone and he’s spitting fire for no reason. Kids like that make Call of Duty look bad haha.
I think I’m going for Black Ops 3 because I went back to play Black Ops and Black Ops 2 and what those games do they do it well. even tough I used to complain about Black Ops 2 it’s still a great game. A lot of people still play to this day. I do feel like they’re milking the Black Ops series too much. Star Wars Battlefront has gotten my attention and I’m excited for it but I’m not going to say that I’ll buy it until I see some gameplay.

True, true…