Hey. my brother has both of these games and i personally like mw3 better(mw3= modes warfare 3 for those of you who didn’t know). I was just wondering what you guys like more.

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bf3. How is this even a question?


My brother thinks i am insane for liking mw3 better



I’m not going to bother getting mw3. I’ve heard its just like, or worse than mw2. it just different maps and weapons.

most people that like mw3 have been fans of COD for ages. Switching from mw3 to bf3 is hard because it takes time to get used to the transition. I know a bunch of COD players that bought bf3 and have already quit playing it because they were terrible at the game and kept dieing. They’re just two very different games. I have black ops and its a good game but i like bf3 better.

The thing i like about battlefield three is that it’s way more realistic. Its the most ultimate multiplayer experience ever :slight_smile:


yeah I’m gonna go with BF3. There have been too many COD (like 8 now?) games and I’m kinda bored of them because they get reptitive. cod 4/5 was legit tho

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mw3 is mw2.

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kina all depends on what your used to and like. all the COD games are run and guns while BF3 is actual strategy.

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oh wait. it has newly rendered water and reflections or some crap. look at the trees, man

let’s call it a sequel.



Hey. The players seem to be in quite the contrast to the professional reviewers advertisers.


I like MW3 BTW, why did you say mw3=modes warfare 3 ? ( in case you were not joking its modern warfare 3)
EDIT: I saw this on as a comment on a mw3 video:
Modern Warfare 3 was suppose to be Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 is another version of Modern Warfare 2, In another means Modern Warfare 3 is a remake of Modern Warfare 2. By the way all you BattleField fans on here, um Battlefield and Cod are 2 different plates on a fps game. Cod is to rush in and kill, BF is you have to use team work, SO STOP COMPETING BETWEEN THE 2.


-mw1 is the best.
i win


they are kidna hard to compare. It’s like apples and oranges. BUT

Cod is to rush and kill because it lacks realism and that is the only practical way to play the game. You can try being a sniper but its very difficult.the only way to play BF effectivly is to use teamwork. This IMO is really cool because its realistic.
MW3 was not exactly a remake of mw2. It was supposed to be an upgrade. I don’t really think it was.

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I think it’s worth mentioning that ANY fps game isn’t going to be “realistic”. I prefer the term “dynamic” or “involved”.


i’d say bf3 is pretty close :slight_smile:


MW3. Just cause I’m a COD fan. And I don’t care if people say, “Battlefield is better, because it’s more realistic!” Who cares? It’s a game, it’s just suppose to be fun. And I don’t even think it is realistic. How can you compare pressing buttons on a controller and looking at a TV screen to actually fighting for you’re country? Not meaning to change the subject. So let’s just continue discussing people’s opinions. lol


lol video games can’t be realistic if you think of it in the most literal way (except for the military training simulators). But as far as looking as a tv screen BF is more realistic (you can blow up buildings, there is vechicle warfare, you actually have to think and use strategy, etc). And to me the fun in a game is being total fantasy like halo where you have aliens and zombies shooting lasers and whatnot, or a somewhat real battle experience. COD is kinda in the middle and weird. But i still love cod games. BF3 is just something fresh and different. A lot of people will bash BF3 just because its NOT cod.

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battlefield 3 easy

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Too many threads like this on the interwebz ;/


Yeah, lucky for you. Nobody really bleeds or is blown apart.


Yeah, I think I’ll go with BF3. Please note, I have both, but I like the things you can do in BF3 better. You want to fly, grab a jet or helicopter. Destroy things. Get a tank. Get around faster, humvee. If you want a tank gone, you can pull out a rocket launcher and STILL have a secondary weapon. It is a tough choice though. For TDM, I mainly play MW3. I also got MW3 for the continuing story (awesome).

EDIT: I take it back… I’ll be on BF3 most now. To many ******* **** snipers and campers for MW3 to be fun for me anymore.

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I prefer MW3 even though ive seen BF3 [ only played it a few times , I dont own the game personally]
I do hate this but thats why I prefeer to join them , Grab a sniper , hide in a bush and quickscope.
Switch on and off on Black ops Its really fun!