Black Ops > MW3

Anyone else find CoD Black Ops a lot more enjoyable and less rage-inducing than MW3?
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Yeah. MW3 is so overrated and annoying…I don’t get why so many people hate on Black Ops. Though I enjoy Battlefield 3 more than both.

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Haven’t gotten around to trying that game. :frowning:

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Black ops is so much better, a lot of people hated on ghost and second chance but compared to mw3 those are nothing assassin stops practically everything and in BO second chance they gave you a flimsy pistol, in mw3 they give you a primary weapon and it doesn’t even take up a perk slot, deathstreaks are really pointless as if you reward people for being bad then they will never get better , and to die on a killstreak from something like dead mans Hand is so frustrating, I also enjoy black ops maps a lot MORE. A good thing about mw3 is the specialist, I like that idea as a change but I don’t like support, it’s meant to be a killstreak, it’s not a killstreak if you die… And stealth bomber etc should be in the assault category. Anyways back to OP Black Ops > MW3 and so I’m keen for BO2 to come out :slight_smile:

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I feel all the Modern Warfares are too rigid, not enough change in gameplay. I prefer Battlefield or Halo to COD any day

Halo > CoD

Less rage inducing and more fun.

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Halo looks like a ton of fun, but I can’t get it on my Ps3. :frowning:

One thing I like more about Modern warfare than black ops is the colors. Black ops is just bland and dark, while mw2 and mw3 has a vibrant colorway for the most part. Although the colorway for cod 4 was just tan. Also the game moves faster in mw3 than it did in black ops.

I think all of the COD games have no color compared to Halo

The gold texture from halo is the coolest thing ever.

The halos are good games just not my preference. It all comes down to what you like. I have all the cods and all the halos. Just seem to lean towards cod.

I play halo on pc and cod on console, I never really had any problem with the colour of black ops but in my opinion there’s less colour in mw3 but halo was my first Xbox game back in the old days :’)

Black HOPS beats 'em all :stuck_out_tongue:

True. This is one reason why I didn’t really like the CoD series.
I want visual stimulation along with a good story line and great multiplayer. I dont think CoD offered any of those to me.