Call Of Duty!!!

This thread goes out to all the COD fans/players.
Just looking to hear any comments or thoughts on the Call Of Duty legacy.

Now for my 2 cents. :smiley:

It seems to me that after Modern Warfare 3 they just started getting worse, up until
Ghosts!! Oh my Gosh, it looks really good, but this is not the first time that they have made a game look good. Hopefully some one in Activision did sniping some justice, and nerfed it, so you don’t have noobs running around the map getting 360 no skill no scopes. Another big thing, THE LAG!!! The Xbox One Will have dedicated severs which means, no host migrations, and no joining late games. You know how it works, connection is king. When you have a bad connection (1 or 2 bar) you might as well shut off your box. One more thing that should help get rid of the lag is the removal of theater mode, which I will miss :’(

So yeah, what do you guys think? Any thing, favorite maps, guns, Call of duties, perks, class load outs, stuff you wish they would bring back??


I felt the series peaked at MW2 and has been on a steady decline since. What bugs me most is that even on the objective based maps, the overwhelming majority of players just play for kills rather than playing the objectives.

I think MW2 is and will most likely always will be the best COD

Im done with CoD. I still might play spec ops on mw3, but I used to be addicted to cod… I play GTA bow, and GTA 5 looks better than…everything.

GTA 5 does look pretty sweet but Watch Dogs has me more interested as far as open-world games go.

How could you! :’(
Haha, I hear the map is gonna be HUGE, I also just realized how big the map in GTA san Andreas was… I like that you can actually have fun playing multiplayer with your friends. Not going to the airport and killing each other :wink:

Ok here’s my opinion:

  1. OG COD Modern Warfare
  2. COD MW2
  3. Black Ops
  4. MW3
  5. Black Ops 2


  1. COD MW2
  2. Black Ops
  3. OG COD Modern Warfare
  4. Black Ops 2 (Tied for third)
  5. MW3. This game disgust me.

The Original is hands down my favorite. Amazing maps, most realistic, and this is the only game I’ve probably ever enjoyed playing the campaign over and over again.

MW2 would have to be my second favorite it is a fantastic game, very well rounded, the campaign is good, the Multiplayer is amazing blows away all others but just a great game.

Black Ops and Black Ops 2 tie for me both great games for multiplayer not so great campaigns but the maps for online fantastic I think the OG Black Ops has a better multiplayer but Zombies on BO2 is absolutely amazing if you have the new map packs.

And last and least MW3. I was greatly disappointed by this game I bought it played for like 2 weeks and haven’t touched it since. Did not do any justice to its previous predecessors. Comparing this to the Original Modern Warfare and MW2 is like comparing the Green Bay Packers to the Jaguars.

I feel like fps peaked at goldeneye 64. There’s not really a lot of innovation you can do to the first person shooter genre. Look! A new weapon… It shoots… Bullets… And a new… Map! Oh there’s really nothing else we can do without making this into a different game… Uh… New colors for the new guns!!!

As an experienced CoD player, who plays GameBattles, and has played every CoD, since CoD 1, here are my ratings. I saw Zen do it, so I thought I’d join in on the fun. I will exclude the first 3 CoD’s. Read it all, read some, read none, do whatever you want!


  1. World at War, by far. This game is probably one of my favorites. The storyline was amazing.

  2. I’m going to have to give this a two way tie between CoD 4 and MW2. The stories are interrelated, and both are great. MW2 slightly edges out CoD4, in my opinion. To me though, the emotional appeal wasn’t on the same level as WaW.

  3. Black Ops 1. Not a fan of the multiplayer, but the memories of the midnight release, and the pretty well executed campaign stick with me. CoD campaigns started getting stale for me, at this point.

  4. MW3. This is probably my 2nd favorite campaign, but the ending really killed it for me. A bit predictable, and gameplay was old. Still, the storyline was great as ever, but there were really no new elements (surprise, surprise.). [color=black]SPOILER: [/color]When Soap died… The feels man…

  5. Black Ops 2. Boring. Storyline felt played out. Innovative, sure, but definitely not a favorite of mine.


  1. Easy choice. CoD4. The feel of the game has been unmatched since then, and the simplicity really makes this a great game. This was when there were only 3 killstreaks, and no one just went for kills.

  2. Many people will not agree with me on this. I may not agree with me on this. MW3. Honestly, I loved this game, even though most didn’t. Sure, deathstreaks sucked, and the weird stuff that happened was annoying. Overpowered guns? MW3 has plenty! For some reason though, I love this game. The maps were great (Hardhat, Dome, Mission), and gameplay was fast and fun.

Going back to it now though, it feels a bit off…

  1. MW2. I ranked this a bit low, just because the One Man Army, Danger Close Noobtubers. VERY annoying, especially when you see people doing that stuff 4 years later. Guns were EXTREMELY imbalanced, but the core gameplay was great. If only Infinity Ward had better game support. This game did introduce some awesome maps, like Rust and Terminal (which MW3 overplayed).

  2. Black Ops 2. Not the biggest fan of this game, especially with the terrible lag, and the fact that success is dependent on internet connection now more than ever. It was too easy to level up. I hit Master prestige in about 1 and a half months.

However, I really LOVE the scorestreak system, which rewards objective players nicely. The new gamemodes and DLC is also cool.Treyarch supports this game very well, especially the competitive side of things, but I don’t agree with some of their patches. SMG’s didn’t need a nerf. I’m unsure on how I feel about the sniper nerf. One gun that DOES need patching is the 870. Too good up close…

  1. World at War. MP40 was the only gun that people used, and this game got boring, fast. I went back to CoD 4 after a couple months…

  2. BO1. I strongly dislike this game. Perks were messed up, and I just was not a fan. Guns were extremely similar, and colors were bland.

So yeah, these are my thoughts. Thought you guys may like some insight in to the head of a CoD mastermind. :smiley:

I could not agree more, MW3 was trash when compared to a classic like MW2.
Great point with the contrasting BO1, and BO2 multiplayer/zombies. Zombies in Black Ops 2, is AMAZING, while the multiplayer is full of quick scoping noobs, and lots of lag. On the other hand Black Ops 1, has excellent multiplayer, with quick scoping being nearly impossible, and relatively no lag, but zombies could use some work.

Great stuff guys :slight_smile: Ghosts is gonna have a lot to compete with, so I think this is make it or break it for the series.

One of the bigger competitors that I see is Titan Fall, which looks absolutely amazing. Link below is some multiplayer game play.

Used to like COD but now I’m into Halo and assassins creed. I changed from COD to Halo because since MW2 it has not interested me especially because of black ops I mean even Halo is more realistic than that. Then from there I kept with Halo but got into assassins creed because I really like open world games.

Ah, yes, TitanFall. Definitely picking it up with my Xbox One. Has anyone here peordered Ghosts? I preordered the first day they were available, then again when they announced the special editions. I have a copy of the Hardened Edition waiting for me! I hope I make the midnight release this year…

Yeah I’m horrible at quick scoping but on BO2 even I can  :D All you really have to do is get and SMR out on harecore and its easy kills. I’m not very good at this but my friend has Diamond Snipers from doing this and is almost a master prestige with little game time played. And for Zombies I would have to say Buried is the best map IMO its just so much fun to play very different form BO1.

The multiplayers, in almost all of the call of duties in my opinion, are like a bottles of wine, they get better with age, until the hackers come. THE HAXXX, unfortunately ruin the older COD’s (WAW, MW2, and MW OG) Which is a real shame.

And no I don’t drink :smiley:

Try out the FAL! In hardcore, it’s basically an improved SMR, with the faster firecap, higher bullet count per magazine, and the lower recoil. I used to use the FAL a LOT, until it got banned by MLG. I had about 6k kills with it after 3 or so months…

I only play it when I’m hanging out with friends, or get bored of a great many things. There are a few reasons. One of them being that the game hasn’t changed since CoD4. The other being this:

Heheheh… I’m a bit of a Pokemon nut. Quite excited by the announcements from this week’s Nintendo Direct.

IMO COD is crap ola’.

Thank God they have the hordes of infantile people playing otherwise it would be just a speed bump in the gaming world. Nothing realistic about it other than you know what your playing based on the crowd.

BF3 puts it to shame in any language.

While I am a huge BF3 fan (I am Colonel Level 100, and a Premium member. This is not to brag, but to show I know what I’m talking about. Colonel Level 100 isn’t about skill, it’s about time. :)), as well as a fan of CoD, I can’t say CoD is crap. The two games cater to different crowds. BF3 is a team-oriented, hardcore FPS, and CoD is more of an Arcade Shooter.

CoD is more casual, and fast paced, which I feel is one of the reason younger people enjoy the game. It’s easy to get in to, whereas Battlefield requires you to do a bit more work to unlock your stuff.

Battlefield’s gameplay is stellar though; I love the vehicular warfare, destructible environments, the way the guns handle, and the overall feel of the game.

Although, neither of them are realistic. CoD has trickshotting, quickscoping, running around the map shooting at everything, automatic healing, dropshotting, and a bit of an “arcadey” feel to it. Battlefield takes lots of bullets to kill, jet ramming, C4 suicide jeeps, magical defibrillators that can revive anyone from anything, and magical medi-packs that heal you from bullet wounds in seconds.

TF2 beats both.