Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Who’s Getting it?

Not me

Me neither.

Me three.
I’ll just buy the new Battelfied.

c-c-c-ombo breaker!

I’m getting MW3. I hope it’s better than the other Modern Warfares. I personally like Black Ops and World at War better.

Deffinently getting it. MW2 online is sooo much better than Black Ops online

Modern Warfare series is better than Treyarch games by a land slide in my opinion.

Get out. This is a thread about discussing Cod. I’m sure Battlefield is a great game for those who ENJOY team work. I’d rather just wreck the other team by myself. But that’s just me.

I’m personally not much of a campaign player

I’m not getting it. I’m getting a little tired of COD. And the trailers for MW3 looks too similar to black ops. I love black ops but MW3 doesn’t look like it offers much except new weapons,perks, and maps. I’m getting battlefield 3 which has more realistic game play and you can ride in tanks and stuff :slight_smile:


Correct :slight_smile:

I think my friend is getting it.

I’ll be picking it up, along with Battlefield. IDGAF, I just like shooters. Black Ops sucked though, even though I still play it.

Mw3 is the exact same game as mw2 basically, bf3 and gears 3 ftw

Mw2 was amazing, so thanks for proving my point

I played MW2 for the first time on Friday. I can see why everyone thinks it’s so fun. I think I did ok. BUT, I’d rather spend my time and money on yoyos.