BF4 freezing mid game? xbox 360


If you play battlefield, does it ever freeze mid game for you? It happens to me almost every game I play, and its SO annoying. Like yesterday I was going 25-4 which is amazing for me, and then it freezes! NOOOOOO!!! how can I fix this???

I’ve been leaning away from bf4 for the past month… I’ve been playing saints row 3 since it was free, its just a more immature GTA :wink: do you guys play it?

(WildCat23) #2

It’s BF4. That game has been a buggy mess since launch.

Saint’s row on the other hand…


Battlefield 4, especially on last-gen consoles, is completely broken. EA/DICE released it in a broken state and now, nearly 7 months later, the game is still unplayable for a large number of those who purchased it.

If you want my advice, just stop playing it and save yourself the frustration. You can’t fix their problems, so just walk away and hope they eventually fulfill their promises.


I played SR3 a good bit, was really interesting. I prefer GTA IV though just for the satisfaction of going on killing sprees, but SR3 is nice for an arcade-experience too.

As for BF4; it was broken for a good while on PC, but improved over-time. I don’t really see EA/DICE going out of their way to improve it much further on last-gen consoles though… after all, how much more money would it really gain them?