Anyone play battlefield 3?


Title pretty much says it.


I do. I used to play it A LOT, but I took a 6 month hiatus for CoD BO2. I still play, but not as much. I own all the DLC, but I deleted them off of my Hard Drive, and with my internet speeds, it’ll take forever to redownload them…


even with fast internet speed it takes forever to download them. I play it sometimes, but I’ve been playing other games while I wait for bf4 to come out.


yes, on ps3

pew pew


I’m on ps3 as well. Anyone want to squad up. I play a good bit and have been a level 100 cl for a while now


I think my ps3 name is actionM88 and I got a headset! Anyone here can add me. I don’t play that often though. Mostly just saturday nights when I’m bored and drinking beer…


My psn is BIG_B_HOSS anyone can add me I play a fair amount.


I play that game on and off. I am not the best but when I have good days I do pretty well.


I just did some short range bolt action sniping on BF3. I still got it :smiley:

It blows my mind how people play COD and not BF3. What does COD have that BF3 doesn’t? Not a single thing, except maybe trickshoting. Reverse that last sentence. What does BF3 have that COD doesn’t? A crap ton plus dedicated servers…

Theres a huge amount of things that I hate about BF3, but I just don’t play those gametypes or maps that I hate. It’s that simple… Can’t do that on COD. Everything I hate about COD, smacks me in the face every match.

If I get flamed by COD fanboys for saying that, I’m just going to ignore them and keep on living in my perfect BF3 world. So you may as well not waste your breath with me lol.


I love bf3 certainly not cod lol


Ohhh, you know what I was slightly wrong in my last comment. COD does have something that BF3 does not: The ability to record your matches. I do miss doing that. Hopefully BF4 will have that covered as well.