What game to get?

I got the ps4 for Christmas and got skylanders swap force with it but that’s the only game I got and I was wondering what r some good ps4 games that r worth buying. I’m a big role playing game fan if that helps.

Knack is pretty fun.

So far, I have COD Ghosts, AC4 Black Flag, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Battlefield 4. You should add me sometime! I barely have any friends on there :confused: haha!

Need for speed: Rivals is a good

Of all the NFS games I’ve played, I preferred Most Wanted. Rivals I am playing right now and I just finished the racer career, haven’t tried being a cop. Still prefer NFS Most Wanted though

Dust 514. :3

I loge battlefield 4! Im still on Xbox 360 though :’(

I got cod ghosts on ps3 (I didn’t know i was gonna get ps4 I would’ve gotten it on that) and I was leaning towards either need for speed rivals or kill zone shadow fall and battle field but I saw battle field 4 has bad reviews

Battlefield 4 is beautiful and amazing. I’m level 50. Playing with a friend right now!

I’ve heard that BattleField 4 is the worst Battlefield. Is this true?

You should check out the latest indie games or ps4 exclusives.

It’s common sense that call of duty and battlefield or need for speed are “good” games.

What I really can’t wait for Is infamous second son and elder scrolls online sadly they’re not out yet :frowning:

Yes I think they could have probably made it better, but it is still pretty good, and I have not done the cop career either just the racer :smiley:

Level 45 :slight_smile: aku-12, snipers, and some gun called something like the “G36C” are my current guns.

how is the aku-12? Haven’t used it yet. I have all the weapons except half of the shotguns and half of the DMR’s. I use the QBZ 95 (last carbine) it’s amazing. Also have the China Rising weapons. Premium guy right here :slight_smile:

sorry for the double post! But infamous second son looks awesome!! So stoked. I was excited for elder scrolls online. But not now. It’s online only (which I like) and I must pay to play online. But elder scrolls online supposedly will be free. BUT, you have to pay $15 just to it each month. I’m not adding that to my subscriptions. I can barely afford my PSN subscription, Xbox live subscription, and all the yoyos I buy haha

I do really like the aku, I used to be addicted to assult when I first got on, then I started engineer, now im attempting to snipe (scout elite).i really like carbines because I can use them for any class. The PP-2000 is really good IMO, but has terrible range :(.

I’ve been playing a lot of obliteration. I like how everyone can get involved in that game. But what I really use a lot, is the RCB. Those things are sweet! I hate that I have them all upgraded. If I still got XP over and over again for the same weapon, I would probably use the same gun over and over. Im one of those people.

obliteration?? That’s the only game mode I dislike! Haha

I love oblit! I usually just snipe on it since most of the action is where the bomb is, especially when its planted.I actually have never played team deathmatch on bf4… I’ve played it many times in CoD and other battlefields.

i don’t play tdm. I only play conquest. 32 vs 32 players? I think so. So fun. Usually get around 35000 XP each match. Got lucky once and got 109000 XP.