PS4 players thread

If you have a ps4 this is the thread to talk about it.
If other members here have it we can all add eachother and enjoy these games together.
Also I’m in need of some help.
I’m look for people that have the PS4 and have battlefield 4,or call of duty ghosts. I need to add some people.
If you have a ps4 PM me your name or your friends or just write it down here. :slight_smile:
If you just want to know my name here it is

I got a Ps4 for Christmas, but 12 hours later of having the Ps4 it got the Blue Light of Death so I’m getting a new one around the 12th of January.

I have CoD Ghost and Fifa 14.

I have one! I really need more friends to play with as well. I have: Battlefield 4 (my main game), COD Ghosts, Assassins Creed Black Flag, and Killzone Shadow Fall. Name: Vindicate570

I hope to get one in a couple months :-
I’ll be playing battlefield 4, I wish GTA V was on next Gen. My friends are always fighting about if it will come out, what do you think?bi think it isn’t.

About GTA I also dont think it will come out on next gen, I hope you do get the PS4 :slight_smile:

Of course GTA V will come out on next gen (And PC). Rockstar games isn’t stupid; they know how much money they could make.

Lolz but my parents will say “well, when you get the money…”
Then once I get the money “I dont like buying you video games, so no…”

:frowning: I will eventually get it :slight_smile:
Just a question, if I have battle field 4 for 360, can I trade it for battlefield 4 for ps4? Or only XBone?

I think that deal for upgrading to next gen was for a limited time. I dont know if you could go form xbox to Playstation.

i think you can. My friends did it. It only costs $10. You should still be able to.