did my friend make a misatke buying a ps4?what games should he get?

This isn’t a ps4 vs xbone thread. So my friend is not a gamer. Or near it. The only game he has ever played that he likes is grand theft auto. But he loves that game… We have tried to get him into gaming, we tried cod,bf4,left for dead,world of tanks, pretty much a lot of stuff. He doesn’t like it… So he said he was gonna get a ps4 and did today. The thing is, there isn’t GTA for it (and on not sure if there will be) and even if he gets good games, he’s wayyy to immature to actually play them correctly. I was telling him to get a 360 so he can play with me and the rest of his friends, and so that he get gta but he still got it. So what games do you think he would like?

Closest thing to GTA on the PS4 atm would be Infamous: Second Son. I was going to suggest Watch_Dogs but the release has been postponed again.


There will be GTA V for the ps4 and pc soon so he did not make a mistake. Plus play station is better.

  1. Are you sure? becasue everybody said Jan 2014, its not out…
  2. Thats your opinion. I disagree since xbome has everything a ps4 has + more games + Kinect.

True Dat.

Absolutely, why would Rockstar bother to release a game (Which has DX11 effects in the crash reports) on two severely outdated consoles at the end of a generation? Besides, PC versions of GTA come out at least 6 months after the console versions. I expect 9th-gen and PC versions will be announced before the end of the first quarter.

K then, when exactly will he be able to get it?

Outlast is worth the PS4…I know it’s on Steam as well, but holy cow it’s the most terrifying thing of all time. What a scary game.

A few months, maybe a half year at the most.

No he did not. Kingdom Hearts 3, nuff said.

Who’s everyone? This is the first time I’ve heard anyone claim a date at all…

In any case, previous AMD graphics drivers had mention of GTA V’s executable with app compatibility flags (wasn’t anything exciting though iirc, just something stating it should be ran on the high-performance GPU). So if anything, it is being worked on (either that, or clever trolling from AMD).

I know it doesn’t really matter now that he already has the PS4, but I would of personally suggested a Xbox One for anyone who isn’t really into gaming (not that the Xbox One is bad at gaming or anything, but because it can do other non-gaming tasks pretty well).

(mostly) Everyone has a kind of game they’re into/would be into. Perhaps he would be into more casual games? I’m not too familiar with the PS4’s game selection though to really recommend anything…


Okay okay haha, but 6 months seems like a pretty long time for him. I don’t get why, but he got FIFA. I dont think he understands how awesome it is to get that console & that game, but he doesn’t spend so much time playing it. I dont think it was a good idea but hey, go for it…
I also wanted him to get an Xbox one, but, I think he should have got a… GAME SPHERE! ITS SPHERICAL!!

You’re showing him all the wrong games. He sounds like someone who would rather play Wii Sports for a couple hours than any of that stuff haha. Nothing against those games I loved Black Ops II (not a huge fan of ghosts) and Left for Dead.