bf4 or CoD ghosts!?!?!

Agree or disagree with me?
Single player/champaign: CoD Ghosts > BF4
Multiplayer: Cod Ghosts < BF4
Im saying in single player, cod beats bf4, and in multiplayer BF is better.

Let’s be honest though. How often would you actually play the campaign though? Most people play it once and then are done. After MW3 I just stopped playing campaigns…

And who ever said they didn’t like infinity ward? They made MW2? In my top 2 of all time for first person shooters.

Thats why I think BF 4 is the better game. Like if people mostly played singleplayed, then cid would be better.

Neither game is better. They’re both fps, but that’s about the end of similarities. CoD is an arcade shooter, bf4 is a combat simulator. It’s like comparing need for speed with gran turismo. They’re both fun in their own right.

On current gen consoles, it’s a close enough call between the two. Once you pop over to PC and next gen consoles, the 64 player count in BF4 absolutely blows CoD out of the water.


ok so this isnt ethier of those games but if your pc can run it get arma 3

Battlefield 4 definitely COD has way too many kids on it. I know I’m young too but I consider myself mature sice I have now realized that my friend, which is two years older than me, has the mind of a fith-grader. All that aside BF4 is so much more fun since you have to work as a team especially on multiplayer.

I feel that both games are great but I’ll give you a few reasons you should pick one over the other…
I WAS a COD fan and would never want to like other fps and would always talk trash about other games and say that cod is better but if you really take a look at both games(Battlefield 4, and GHOSTS) just think about which game is going to give you a better experience and which are you going to play more.
Just look at Battlefield and Call of Duty. Call of Duty comes with a new game every single year and sometimes people that just play from time to time don’t even get to enjoy the current game completely before the next one comes out. A LOT of FPS these days are really meant for the true gamers and not really made for the average person. SERIOUSLY look at cod games there’s people that don’t even get to the first prestige!
cod ghosts: fast pace and well organized. Somewhat geared for regular people that arent hardcore gamers.
Battlefield 4: very competitive and challenging. Great multiplayer experience.
I now want to switch to battlefield myself, and as everyone says cod is the same thing every year.
I’ve been learning a lot about BF4 and I just seem more convinced with this game than ghosts. Plus if you want to have a fast pace like game, BF4 is also great for that. I believe its the mode domination (basically fast pace like cod but in Battlefield style.)
I love FPS ONLINE and I feel that if your are looking for a good, competitive, strategy, skillful, teamwork, fun, entertaining game it would be BF4.

I can never be serious whenever I play battlefield. I only mess around on that game because it’s so slow paced for me. As for COD, I’m serious and competitive because it’s faster paced. I personally think Battlefield has a lot more packed into it making it a better
game then COD in that way, but at the same time it’s pretty glitchy. Maps on battlefield are way prettier because in my opinion and in the words of WoodysGT, the people making maps at IW need to take depression pills or something. And if I had to choose, call of duty would be it because it’s just more fun.

So I tried cod… Terrible. you die when you get shot once, and spawn in the worst possible spots. It is filled with hackers, snipers (which annoy the crap outta me) and nobody uses teamwork. Just try both, battlefield is so much better.all my friends have either broken their cod disk, or wish they got BF4. I dont wanna type more but, bf4.

Like the majority of people in real life. I wonder why one if the games main tag lines is its realism.

Umm, you don’t die when shot once unless you are shot in vital organs.

because were definatly not wearing armor or anything… Plus what fun would that be, its a game.

Oh, so a game has to be 100% real? I guess it’s “realism” to have 5/30 players hackers. Its also realism to jump on a tank thats 3ft higher than you. Also to be deployed right in front of your enemy or in a battlefield.i guess it’s realism to drop a nuke down on the map and it kills everyone but you. But wait, its a nuke! Why didn’t you die!!! Realism, yeah…

I love BF4. Great gameplay, beautiful graphics, just a much more fun game than Ghosts.

Thsts another thing, when your watching the commercial for ghosts, (3rd person ) the graphics look amazing. But when you play it it seems like they got worse to me…

I own Bo2 and Bf3, I like Cod more, because unless you’re playing with friends youll be playing with terrible players, and it is a lot harder to do well solo in BF. Server owners and premium players also have a significant advantage.

are you talking about bf4 or cod? Because you die equally easily in both, and spawn in arguably worse spots in bf, as the maps are generally bigger.

Were you on last gen, current gen or PC?

I’ve had enemies spawn 2 feet infront of me during a tdm match.