Any black ops 2/COD players?

So I was wondering if there was any cod players on yye?

Lately I’ve been playing it a lot.
I’m Prestige 3 lvl 43 right now. I like to snipe/quickscope a lot :slight_smile:
If there is any bo2 players post ur favorite weapon/set of weapons if you have one.
Also u can ask any questions u might have about the game and other people can possibly answer them :smiley:

Knife all day. I’m on the PC, I’m trying to get a diamond knife in BLOPS2 but one goddamn XBow achievement is holding me back.

I used to be obsessed back with mw2,black ops, and mw3. I started playing less with mw3, and stopped when bo2 came out. As you probably know, I dont like cid anymore but love bf4. I’ve played ghosts about 10 times and still dont really like it…

Got ghosts as a gift on my bday, is the only game I’ve ever had that has visual stutter on my computer.

That just ain’t right.

Also TF2 ftw.

I downloaded it when it was free on steam. Waste of 25GB on my hard drive. If crappy graphics like that run worse than Crysis 3, then there’s a problem.

And I agree with you about TF2.

I know right, the commercials make it look like the graphics are amazing, but they suck. Then every cid fan says the graphics are good, I think there terrible. Like get with the program guys, you have ge money to do it, try not to let battlefield take over, I think it will…
On YouTube, “top 5 battlefield plays of the week” there sick… ChaBoyyyHD

Yes I agree cod ghosts sucks. Just too many problems, bad maps, bad graphics, and more. Black ops 2, tf2, cod4, and some others are the games I play