ITS TOMORROW!!! I am so exited!! I remember someone talking about an elite clan for YYE, would that be possible? Who else is pumped?


I already picked mine up at midnight. For some reason though, I just got sidetracked and I haven’t opened it yet. Maybe in a few minutes.


It feels like christmas. I cannot wait go get home and pop the disc in and play.


What is BO2?


Black ops 2. For those of you who have tried it, do the players swear in zombies? I don’t usually play with the voices on so I don’t know.


Body Odor 2.





Body Odor squared?

Oooooohhhhh, you’re taliking about that game with mediocre graphics and a terrible multiplayer.


You be quiet. The graphics may not be the best, but the multiplayer is great. And the numbers say so too. It mad $500 million in the first 24 hours.


Numbers aren’t everything. And by terrible multiplayer I don’t mean lag or connection issues. I’m talking about it’s unoriginality and the community around it (squeakers).


It’s kind of hard to have an original multiplayer in the fp2 genre nowadays. Every one is doing the same root idea, run around killing people and capturing stuff. One thing this game has going for it is zombies though. Which I think is great. But I can kind of see we’re you are coming from. I do really like the game.


Ugh, COD became stale after they came out with MW. The new Halo has BUNYY HOPPING. I’ll just stick to TF2.


It’s funny. I never see someone whining about this when it comes to other games, like FIFA or NHL. And they are JUST the same. CoD have alot more new stuff every time they release a game.
And Black Ops 2 just set a new sales record. There’s probably a reason for that, and it’s probably not that most of us are sheeps in a herd. Guess what, its not a original game, though it’s still a great multiplayer game. In the same way as i continue to watch tBBT, because i want more of the same kind of humor as i’ve seen before in their show.
I dont really see anyone complaining about the unoriginality of the Halo-multiplayer. Its not that refreshingly new, either.

So, hipsters, stop it. Stick with your laggy, unpolished console-bf3 or Halo with its option-free (so to say, compared to BO2) multiplayer.

Gamertags, anyone?


Yay, COD fans are shelling out another 60$ or more to play a new recycled game with terrible multiplayer, fan base, and story line. Seriously, all of this year’s new games disappoint me. even Halo 4, and I’m a huge halo fan. I’ll stick with Halo 3, ODST, Reach, BF3, and Minecraft.


I’ll stick with Pac-Man


So you’re a CoD fan yourself? I mean, IGN gave it 9.3/10, Gamespot 8/10 and T3 5/5. So you’ve bought it for yourself and found it to be crap? Because i cant really see any other possible way of how you could rate it that way. If you’re not then talking by beliefs and bias?
Sure, maybe you’ve tried it at a friends place or something. Well, you probably haven’t played it enough to enjoy it.


Wait, You’re telling me that all those gamer mags aren’t paid to review games well? Right. I’ve played tons of CoD Games, and while I enjoyed MW3’s campaign, BO2 (Which I’ve played for a few hours at a friend’s house) is just another rehashing of CoD’s winning recipe. A recipe which has grown stale. You can like it all you want, that’s fine, you’re entitled to be able to do what you want, but you can’t deny that it’s just another CoD. What is this, the 8th one? Come on, you can’t innovate a game that much. MW2 is, IMO, the best CoD game. None of the new stuff is really different enough for me to justify paying Treyarch or Infinity Ward another 60$ or so.


About those sites… I dont really know. They’re all higly respected sites. I’ve never heard anyone accuse them for taking bribes for a game-review. Anyways. There are some small, Norwegian sites and magazines who’ve reviewed it, and they pretty much say all the same. (And i’m positive they’re not bribed…)
And i agree that it’s more of the same. And really, most of us doesn’t buy it for the campagin. It’s for the multiplayer, which i think is better than both BO1 and MW3. And about equal to MW2, imo. MW1 was the best IMO.
Call of Duty games isn’t just any other game. Call of Duty players wants new guns, new maps, new perks, new attatchments etc. And that is what they get. They dont want a totally new multiplayer game where everything is turned upside down and nothing is like the last game was. They want more of the same. It’s just the same way as those who buy FIFA or NHL. Sure, it’s new version one every year, though it really is just more of the same. AND YET NOONE BLAMES THEM.

People getting equally shocked every time a new CoD releases and it doesn’t feature jawdropping new features and gamemodes, and the graphics isn’t 4 times better than the last one… Annoys me. Alot. They just dont get it.

Thats my two cents.

If you don’t like one of them, you probably wont like any, though i cant really see a reason not to like all of them if you like one. They’re so similar.


I can totally understand more weapons, perks, maps, and the like, but seriously, couldn’t the game makers just make map packs or updates to games already in existence? I know they’re out to make a profit, but if they, say, make map packs and updates like 20 bucks in Microsoft points, then there’s an ideal solution.