all new for gamers!!!

ok so the new call of duty ghost multiplayer trailer came out and now it’s changing my opinion on the game.It looks really awesome and I thought I would share it.

Yeah, I saw the livestream. The game looks awesome. So many new perks! Plus, the MOAB is back!

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Im getting GTA 5 before cod :wink:
But yah it looks cool, and the music choice is great to me! (love eminem)
Have you seen the GTA 5 trailers? Like the multiplayer etc.? It looks amazing!!!

I want bioshock infinte and the burial at the sea dlc. Both PC version.

Call of Duty is in the op;


About time they added playable female characters.

Skullgirls just hit steam, and divekick launches tuesday. Get hype. :3

Upon further review, it looks like IW is taking steps backwards with Ghosts… The point system from BO2 is gone, and now we’re going back to the old MW3 killstreak system. Honestly, I’m not excited about this change. I felt the BO2 system rewarded playing the objective, and using team oriented classes (using flashbangs, trophies, EMP’s, etc. Instead of stacking your class with perks). In MW3, people really didn’t care about winning, or playing the objective. BO2 gave you a reason to do this. I guess we’ll see how it works out, but I don’t like this.

Oh yeah, support streaks are back. :frowning:

No dolphin dives :frowning:

Why I don’t do Call of Duty except with my friends:


Think is, most of them tend to cuss at you trying to sound cool, but come across as idiots.