Anybody Playing Black Ops 2?

Yo DaigonalSquared here

Is there any board members playing black ops 2? Just got the game and looking for someone to play with and rampage the lobbies with lol

If you wanna play, message or invite me on my Gamertag: DaigonalSquared

Yeah I use to be semi pro. I don’t play that much anymore, but ill shoot you an invite:)

I don’t play just th plain version, but WAW Zombies :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t like BO Zombies as much as most people…

I will definitely hit you up I don’t play zombies though cause I’m terrible. If you want you can add me IBeCreepin14

I would love to see some throwers shootin it up out there.

I recently got back into call of duty. didn’t buy blops 2, but i still had mw3. started playing it and i am soooooooooo terrible now. my K/D has gone down a bit and i am finishing with embarrassing scores. usually less than ten kills and more than fifteen deaths. no fun. i used to be decent. i had 4 moabs and was 17th prestige before i stopped playing. i got my K/D up from .7 to 1.3 in a few months. i was down a few thousand deaths, but i worked up to +15000 kills. then i got fired and stopped playing. now i have trouble breaking even. i am down to 2 sensitivity and that is still too fast haha. i hate it.

but fun fact: the map Plaza* has both of my gamertags in it! my current gt is C0L0S5US, and my old gt was xDEEBOx24. so technically the deebo one isnt on there. the store is called d’BO but it looks like it is pronounced deebo. i had C0L0S5US long before blops 2 came out. coincidence? I think not. Treyarch made a map for me. i feel so special. :wink:

I do play the black ops 2 & the MW3.

My gamer tag is S Muh Dee.

That gamer tag is totally mature and appropriate for someone who’s almost 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on pc. My gamer tag is pillowite. Friend me if your on pc

Correction on my gamer tag. Sorry, it’s actually Diagonalsquared, stupid auto correct on my phone messes it up when I type it.