Looking to play Black Ops 2 with some fellow throwers

Just to piggy back off of Kyle  ::slight_smile:

I play on xbox live and I wouldn’t say I’m amazing but I’m pretty decent. I go positive every game easily but I have those amazing games and then a couple bad games every once in a while.

Looking to play with some of my fellow throwers so you can add me on there and just leave your YYE username in a message.


I won’t be back at college till the 25th (spring break) but I’ll be on and check my friends list.

Here’s the page that shows my stuff: Don’t mind my Win percentage (I tend to quit a lot of games so it doesn’t reflect my gaming at all)


I don’t play that much but my name is SantaHasSwag if anyone wants to add me.

GT is “half knife”. I’m pretty decent.

Xbox 360?

yup 360

Cool what is ur gamer tag?


my gamertag is Hippo Samurai. Not that complicated. Send me a friend request with a voice message saying who you are on YYE and why you want to be the next American Idol.

Still looking for people…Make sure you leave me a message of what your YYE username is so I know haha :slight_smile: