Minecraft on Xbox? If you have an xbox hit me up!


Any yo-yoers that have minecraft on xbox let me know! Or if you have an xbox at all!! :slight_smile: Gamertag: homejjdawg


I do!! And I might just add you. Mine is grumpymonkey111


Noice! I will hit you up later man!!




I dont play minecraft, but i have an Xbox. My live ran out, so ill get more when GTA 5 comes out.
I made my gamertag when I was like 8, its the worst gemertag I’ve ever seen. its:TOXIC BUNNYBEAR
Send me a friend request, and send me a message saying your from the forums :slight_smile:


Omg that is actually an awesome gamertag! Mine is worse! Lol!!! You can still chat if you don’t have gold!!! Haha that is awesome though!!! Woo!!! Thanks man!!


I do chat sometimes :slight_smile: like 2 in every 5 times I play. It is pretty awesome… Lol


ok mine is yyf dv888
yes i have minecraft but i have yet to buy a headset. i have gold and xbox music pass…