Any minecraft players out there?

woo minecraft.

I play quite often, but mostly single player survival.

Atleast two hours every day! I love minecraft. I’m mobgrinding to enchant a full diamond set of tools and armor, I just got efficenty 4 and silk touch!

I plan on getting it sometime this week for my Xbox 360. Looks like a load of fun!

I play and I love it. Who here got it in the beta mode? Is anyone on a server?

Don’t get it for the xbox. It’s very lacking and it is 10x better on the computer!

Lol, ill try to get it on pc.

But if you get it on xbox, you can lay down in bed and play minecraft!

Yeah I’m on a server called prestigecraft, I’m an owner of a minecraft server…

Hiya, the author of that game was on CBC radio 1 this morning. Looks like something that I could get into.

Do you ever have to buy anything? (other then the 27 dollars at the beginning)

Nope, after that it’s all free.

I play on the iPod…my first time playing survival I thought the zombies were other people. I went up to them to talk…they killed me(:

i started playing right after the switch to beta. playing a private SMP server me and 3 friends bought. my computer craped out so it doesn’t run minecraft very well. :’(

try escapecraft.com. it’s a great server. the ip is escapecraft.com

I love Minecraft! Or at least I used to, before my brother deleted it off his computer and stopped letting me use it anyways…