Anyone play it? if so post your username in this thread.

mine is spyxyz


I do. My username is also



Why why why!!! I feel like I’m the only one who has heard sooooo much about the game and sooooo many good reviews but has never played it before!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Owen) #4

Buy the game then.


But its soooooo expensive!:unamused:

  • I’m saving up for a new YoYo

(NotATyrant) #7

It is too expensive, and I play on XBox, but only the trial…but I love playing when I can


1 thing, I only have a Wii


I play… LAVA!




I play it on the computer I’m greg1371 (in case your wondering its my brothers username)


Ok so i have my own server so if you guys want i could tell you the ip.

(M.DeV1) #13

OutgoinIntrovert is the name, Raiding your house and killing you is my game. :wink:


Sure imagine it a sever just to do a regular survival… Seems legit


ok… kinda scared to white list you…well

(M.DeV1) #16

I wouldnt do it to you. I promise. pm the Server IP and let me know when its up.


I also run a server. It’s not on all the time, though, because I run it off of a laptop. Pm me and I will give you the ip address.


I play. My username is still mozartm99. I would love to play on one of y’alls servers.


Ok the rules are no swearing, stealing, pvp, or grefing pm me and i will give you the ip.


How do I pm?

Never mind.