YYE Minecraft Server

Vanilla 1.3. I’m running this on a Laptop, so It won’t be 24/7.




3:00 PM - 11:00 PM (GMT -5)


12:00 PM - 11:00 PM (GMT -5)

[s]It will be a whitelist, so tell me if you want on.

Current Users:

yoyo creep

I’m looking for at least 7 users! ;)[/s]

make sure you KNOW who you are letting in. People are meanies, remember that…

Don’t let any griefers in…
make the yoyofactory!


I’ve made a server before. It will be a Whitelist that anyone who signs on will be added to.

I’m totally down! I really like freebuild & plots. But skyblock would be pretty awesome too. If all else fails, I’m down with old school survival. I can give you my MC username once you make the server so you can whitelist me. :slight_smile:

What do you think about Feed the Beast? It’s a Modded Skyblock.

Looks cool, but I think its outdated. the Minecraft forum thread says ‘1.2.5,’ but we are in 1.3.2.

It has mods. However, I’m thinking about ditching that and doing either a Tekkit Survival or Vanilla Survival.

You see, Eel. I’m a simple man. I’m just too unintelligent for Tekkit. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Vanilla Survival?

If you are cool with that.

I’m cool. I like 1.3.

Please, spread the word!

Sweet! When will you start?

Soon, maybe in 30 minutes. We need more members.

Ok, I might have to join you guys tomorrow, I don’t feel my best. :frowning:

Can I join.
My username is
Or guest_parking
I’ll see if I can get mindcraft working again…Tekkit screwed it up…I’m a noob with Tekkit…help???

I’d love to join. I have no experience with multiplayer though, so you’ll have to help me on my noobishness.

Ill join.

Thanks everyone!

Server will start August 28th!

Me and the server share a birthday! :smiley: