Hey guys heres the new Ip for the new server please messgae me or legyoyo to add you to the whilst

will do! :slight_smile:

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Thanks dude it means a lot to me…
i will give you 10 diamonds when you come on whats your username?

lol, it’s Mryoyoguy. I’m sorry Mr.YoyoGuy… It was unintentional… :smiley:

(ps: my brothers currently on the only computer that will run minecraft, so it’s going to be a little while)

lol, thats funny… modmon10 came on the server maybe we should make a yoyoer village

Hey guys me and lego we made a yoyoer village so if you come on and if you see JAQF or Mryoyoguy
tpa to use to get a plot and build your house… please note this is a PVP server and no pvping is allowed in the village. Thanks Sushi or JAQF

Yes that village is looking snazzy! I’ll probably start mining cobblestone tomorrow. To make more plots.

Also, I think this server’s great fun! And y’all should join and partake in our yoyoist village!


IT’s you that took that username?!
I tried that and it didn’t work lol.
Minecraft is a part of my daily routine. I raid every night…

I wanna try/join! :slight_smile:

In all honesty my friend actually suggested the name. I used it… Then realized it was the same as you on the forums! I started laughing so hard… Good times, good times.
But hey you should join! I’ll be on tomorrow around 2ish. And then probably later at around 5ish :slight_smile: (and that goes for anyone else, just when you get on let me know your a yoyoer)

Hey, we are going to have some rules in the village so write down some rules in the topic to put it in use in the village ask lego to see the mine its in my house

Guys we have a griefer in the village >:( :-… GRIEFING IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS VILLAGE

guys the village have some rules NEVER accept tpa from anyone who is NOT yoyoer. and never accept any tap from doggie56 he is a griefer he will kill you and grief you

Im coming on!!! My username is anchovies11

Ok that sounds great but no one who yoyo is on the server if you can join at 2ish or 5ish we well be be to give you a plot and stuff to build your house.
the plot size is 10 by 10

Why cant you come on now?

What time zone are you in? I went on the server, but no yoyoers were on.


Hey i am in south America. so am on EST and i am in Venezuela so add 30 min to that time and i will not be on the server on at 2 so i will be on at 5ish so is Lego so look for use … thanks

I’m on now. Also sushi: where’s some glowstone?