Hey Guys

I have been on a Minecraft server for a while and I feel it could use more peeps
So if you dont mind, hit up
Pretty awesome server, mods a lax, people are generally cool

Just say that Guest_parking sent you. Im sure someone will set you up if I am not on.

Vanilla? creative? I’m interested

Sounds interesting… Any more details?

Same i am interested now since I play on hgn a lot.

It is survival, but it is semi-creative, cause people are so nice. Really cool community. No PvP, but sometimes there is a PvP world, and occasionally we do Skyblock and hunger games.

If a guy named Archerk99 or something like that is on, say that Guest_parking sent you. He should be pretty nice to you. And Samm can probably give you a house.

I’m gonna go check it out

Same I will be on ASAP when I’m get the computer.

I’m on right now. So is Stripped Axel, but methinks he is AFK.

Just hung out for a bit with Abby on the server. I made a sick house too!

I’m coming on, gonna work on my house in Raybs’s house complex area

Who is Raybs? I can’t go on right now… Sorry… Have fun!

Im going on, my username is spyxyz.

Np. Lol when the mods found out that like 4 of the new people came because of Guest_parking, they were amused.

I finished my house on it! Only right next to yoyoavenger! It looks awesome what’s even better is that i found a house with an anvil in it so I took it yay me!

Um, that’s griefing. Not something to be proud of.

How is that griefing? It’s not right up to his house?


What do you have to do to place blocks?

You took someone else’s anvil. That’s griefing. Anvils need 31 iron ingots. You’re stealing 31 iron ingots. That’s griefing.