Awesome minecraft server!

Hey, my friends and I have found a sweet minecraft serve that we know the owner of. My name is beowolf1234567, my friend adam’s is meekakitty, and my other friend andy is Divine_Dmon. If you’re going to play on there and see one of our names, message us and say brandon from the yo-yo forums sent you. meekakitty is a mod, so he’ll help you out. the ip is

I joined it, my username is Timothy7213. I share the account with two friends.

I told meekakitty Brandon sent me and I got killed by him. And other people.

Are you the penguin guy?

meekakitty is a terrible name

Nope, Scorpion from MK.

The world was reset :frowning: Do you want to put your house next to mine?

lol he does that a lot, yea the world reset, if you want to play, mainly talk to me, he forgot that itold him not to kill people that said brandon sent

Okay, I made an account. I am sorry for killing you, but I have a reputation to protect. Please make sure you have my attention. I don’t recall killing anyone who spoke of Brandon. If I did it was an accident. I don’t think you actually had anything other than the spawn-able starting kit. You can get that back by typing “/kit tools”.

I did not choose the name I have, it was a free account given to me by a friend. I hope you understand I would make a better name if I had originally made the account. I’d like more people to get on the server to help out and make it more public. Maybe a few of you will donate which would be very much appreciated.

Do you throw?

I don’t own a yo-yo, but I’m hoping to do so soon…

What is your best trick?