Official ☾Ў¥ℰ☽ Clan -

(angryskills) #1

So I though we should make a clan. If anyone plays agar, please let me know by posting on this thread.

σғғιcιαl ☾Ў¥ℰ☽ ηεω ᗩǤᗩᖇᎥᗝ ᏨŁΔŇ נσιη υs ησω

Tag: ☾Ў¥ℰ☽ [your name] Click Here to make your Fancy name :slight_smile:

Add me on Skype: Imangryskils

I think we should schedule a day every week to do a server take over!! What day and time would work best for you guys?


(angryskills) #2

Me at 3rd :slight_smile:

(yoyobro!) #3

Dude where did you get that font for your name??

(yoyobro!) #4

Here is the link to get the fancy name: » σғғιcιαl ⦅Ў¥ᗴ⦆ ηεω ᗩǤᗩᖇᎥᗝ ᏨŁΔŇ נσιη υs ησω

(angryskills) #5

I just use this website:


Why not make it something that looks more like yoyo?

(angryskills) #7

Lol. I looked for like 30 mins to find something that would look like a yoyo. There are not really any yoyo shaped characters you can copy/paste…



and would be



I don’t play it much, but I’ll go give it another shot.

☾Ў¥ℰ☽ Fuzzwad


fuzz use this.

(yoyobro!) #11

Jo-yo are you still playing? I will use that party room code

(yoyobro!) #12

Actually that room code isnt working for me, here is the one I will be in -


what your username?

(yoyobro!) #14

I am playing as ⦅Ў¥ᗴ⦆✱ƔØƔØβᖇᗝ
and I think Angryskills is going to play too!


I haven’t seen you yet! XD


is anyone living longer then 30 seconds?

(angryskills) #17

I saw you bro!!!


I KNOW!!! I TRIED TO SAVE YOU!!! then you died… then I died…

(angryskills) #19

lol. get on this one:

To many big guys on the last one…


Now I remember why I stoped playing