Anyone else play besides me?

I only have PE, but i love it. I also watch the tobuscus minecraft videos, so i know about the regular pc version.

PE was the first version I ever played until I got my Xbox
But my PC is broken so I can’t play PC anymore

Yup! I love it! I play pc

I like MineCraft a lot, but I’m honestly pretty terrible at it.

I play mine craft on PC I play on mostly servers however I do single player sometimes. ALS I play on my brothers account.

Yeah I barely play single player and I play servers a lot

I can’t seem to get any servers to work :-/

how come?
if you can try this server
its a really fun server!

It worked! First time :D. I guess the others I tried were closed/down for a moment. thanks!

your welcome if you want any other servers I got a good list for them!

Any one play on Xbox?


i mainly play on yotown server it rocks oh and i play pc version

I have PE, Premium (Computer version), and xbox360