Minecraft discussion Thread!

suprised this wasn’t started sooner. so minecraft discussion lets go! what everyonw think about the new direction minecraft is going with dragons and enchantments and potions?

I so need to start playing MineCraft soon I mean I’ve loved games like that for like forever!

Just got to figure out how to make it run in Wine or a virtual machine. (Linux. =P)

OH YEA! great game! i too love those sandbox games.

Yeah they rock.

… You can run it natively. Just run it with sun java. That’s what I do.

Aw you can run it from a browser sweet.

I was under the impression you had to run it then connect to a server. (I’d seen people open it with a virtual machine.)

My brothere built his own 4000 dollar computer with some of the best stuff available. But my hp minin cant handle minecraft at all. But it looks really fun my brother plays some rellly cool version called garys mod they have black market fdealers and cops and stuff

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Cool I didn’t know Gary’s mod went further then the Orange box.

i herd its coming on xbox in the spring

It is with an all new crafting interface that makes it more “beginner friendly”

i like mine craft but i like roblox more

Prepare for flame.

No, you can download the client… it’s also faster that way.

(it’s written in java, so no compatibility issues like with other games)

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I don’t know anything about MineCraft, but for those who like to watch people play it on youtube, I know this really funny guy that uploads it daily. His youtube name is “TheSyndicateProject”.
(I know about him because I used to watch his Black Ops Zombie vids) :slight_smile:

YEA! SEANANNERS! he plays minecraft!

I don’t actually play minecraft, but im going to admit this is legit

If anyone wants a nice server,

U guys heard bout the Jungle biome coming soon?

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I’ts already out in the snapshot weekly update. looks pretty interesting. especially with the new ocelot mob.

I hear that pocket edition should be getting survival mode on Apple this week. My brothers tablet is a transformer prime not ipad, so he has it and I don’t, so jealous right now.