The CoD Black Ops Zombies thread.

First, tell us your fav map and gun, then what the highest lvl you have gotten to on solo, offline double player, and online. then if your Live, or PSN. then feel free to talk about other stuff as well.

Der Riese

if i don’t have juggernog, i cant survive for crap. i usaully get nog before i upgrade from my pistol.

wow your good

nacht der toten
12 :frowning:
27 hmm not too bad or good
i like the pack a punched rpk
its my friends xbox live but i play enough to have these stats

supbreh1234 - why don’t you just edit your original post instead of posting 3 times inside of 2 minutes… :wink:

sorry mind fart, will dlete and mod original

My best is 45 or 46 on Ascension.

Thought I’d bump this thread cause black ops 2 was announced recently and I’m excited to see what the new zombies mode will be like, hopefully there are some new futuristic guns (maybe ray gun?). I read somewhere that the maps will be bigger and support for up to 8 online players, that sounds cool.

Anyway, I’ve gotten up to round 48 solo on Ascension with the thunder gun before getting bored and dying, haha. Also, friggin space monkeys make it really difficult
Can’t remember any other stats but my favorite weapon has to be the monkey bomb ;D

still a necro bro! but yeah im exited for blops2

Its only been a month come on now. Not like this thread was from last year or something


he had a good reason, it’s fine.

I hope the maps are huge.