PS3 Black Ops anyone?

Hey guys!
I was wondering how many of you guys play Black Ops/Zombies? I play Zombie mode, as well as the regular campaign and multiplayer. Also if you play on PS3, we could play sometime. Iv gotten to Round 40 Solo on Zombie Mode. My ps3 name is “PR0Zombi3Fletchy” So whats you guy’s ps3 name so I can add you or you can add me. :wink:

Raph993 I don’t play zombies, but I do play multiplayer sometimes, and I think I’m pretty good

I bought the game, but it looked like a good step back from MW2 (actually looked like a game released prior MW2) so I tried it for a couple weeks (online/multiplayer) sold it and got back to MW2

I like single player games like portal and LA noire right now. my PSN is xdx. dont hack me :wink:

I’ll spare you :stuck_out_tongue:

ADD ME GUYS! I play mw2 more than Black ops (I like sniping too much)


I play on steam :c

Woh really? Iv never played MW2. My sister plays it, but I havnt. It looks pretty good, I might try it later on. :wink:

X360, tried it on PS3 but the movement were not really precise, like the head/sight rotation was done “step by step” and not fluidly

Sony need to work on their joypads