Star Wars Episode 7


It was announced yesterday and the papers are signed. What we thought was impossible has come to pass. George Lucas sold Lucas Films and Star Wars and everything else to Disney. Lucas actually bought into Disney. He sold it for 4 billion and 40 million in shares of Disney and now owns a chunk of Disney. He said he plans on retiring and he wanted to pass the franchise on to a new set of incredible filmmakers. He will continue to be a advisor for all things star wars including the new movies episodes 7, 8, and 9. That’s right. Disney is set to have episode 7 in theaters in 2015. Knowing how Disney loves to restart franchises and has the star wars fans upset in an uproar over the possibilities of them re-doing episodes 1-6, Disney said that at this time they have no wish do remake those. You might see a new cartoon series of the clone wars on Disney though. Disney has yet to truly mess up marvel so we will have high hopes they don’t mess up star wars.

How do you think Disney will do with the franchise?

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I was thinking about this yesterday. I am conflicted. I wouldn’t mind being able to see more Star Wars stories, but I think the dedication of Lucas to his vision will be lost under Disney, even with his consulting. Disney has a high bar to answer to, so maybe they will step up. On the other hand, maybe the corporation will just suck what they can out of the legacy.

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I’m super pumped that the Star Wars franchise is no longer directly in Lucas’ control. Especially after how he screwed up Episode 1-3. Especially 1. I mean, if he’s following a formula (i.e. The Hero With a Thousand Faces), it’s amazing, but set him loose and you’re stuck with bland characters caught up in bureaucratic bullcrap.

That being said, I really hope the new movies focus on something other than the main timeline. A KOTOR trilogy could be neato.

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They are going to brutally maul it.

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But… it’s like adding to the Bible!

You just can’t add to it! lol


Of course you could. The Bible is a collection of writings. If God chose to share another gospel or if Jesus returned or if another true prophet appeared, you would have to append to it. What are you going to do, tell God that he can’t add more chapters to His book? :wink:

Back to Star Wars: Disney can’t do any worse with it than Lucas has already done with his own property. I actually believe that Disney stands to do a MUCH BETTER job with the franchise, so I’m pretty excited to see who they hire to write, direct, and act in further movies.

Agreed that a KOTOR trilogy would be boss!


As it was meant to be 9-12 movies when Lucas wrote SW, I’m sure they can’t screw up the scenario.


I think that the newest movies were not that good and shouldn’t have been made. Then it got worse when they did episode 1 in 3-D. I guess I am just biased toward the originals though.


whosoever adds to the bible will wish that a millstone was hung 'round his neck and have himself cast int the sea, so…

star wars was OK, but the is the third time lucas has tried to reboot the franchise, and this time with DISNEY?? not disney. have you seen what they are putting out lately?


That message amounts to “without my express consent.” So, LucasFilm (I mean Disney!) would have at the end of the credits something like “This motion picture may not be modified or redistributed” warnings, but that doesn’t mean LucasFilm (I mean Disney!) couldn’t release versions with their own edits or additions. I’m sure you would agree that God is allowed to add to the Bible. :wink:


Is it just me, or does it seem like Disney buys everything nowadays?

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Revalation 22:18 brah… and I was referring to regular people. Of course God can add to it if he wants to. Is it likely… no, but still.

Anyways… back on topic.

I think they’re going to destroy it. They should just leave it be and not add to the series. Maybe a separate movie would be best, just not part of the series. I’m definitely interested to say what they do though and I hope that they prove me wrong because I don’t want to see a good franchise got to pot.


This seems an apt comparison to me.


They’ll probably mess it up, as defined by hardcore Star Wars nerds.

I hope it’s good, but either way, I’m going to see it and will probably be entertained. Light saber battles is light saber battles.


its funny… cause they did.

Anyways. Im excited for the new epipisodes. There are already books made by third parties and those have been well received. Maybe as they didn’t call them “episode 7/8/9” it would be better, because people wouldnt expect them to live ip to the last six.


Different characters in the same universe would be for the best, but I assume if they’re calling it “Episode 7” it will be the same characters.

People shouldn’t expect them to live up to the last six. They should certainly expect them to far surpass the prequel trilogy. :wink:


Nothing could ever be better than the original trilogy. Now it’s just Disney sucking on the veins of consumer nostalgia, milking them for all they’re worth.


Disney has no business ruining Star Wars with either another live action film or a crummy animation. The last remnants that Star Wars lives in are video games. Good or bad, Star Wars is now only alive in games.


So I guess the books just don’t exist.

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And the books (Which are amazing) and the Clone Wars (Which is really good)…

I’ve wanted anoher trilogy for years. I always assumed it would be LucasFilm though. I hope Disney does a good job…