Didn’t know if there was one for the star wars people, so i made one. This post would be nice if anyone had any questions, comments, conceren or excitement about the star wars franchise. XD (May the schwartz be with you!)

Let’s start off with Star Wars yo-yos - who has them? I had all of the new Yomega ones (string bling, yo-men and Glides) but have traded a few glides off.

I wantd one but my funds took too long and missed out on the bobba fet one. XP

Great movie.

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hope someone would get that.

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was 4 years old (1977) and I’ve intentionally never seen Space Balls. To me it was the ultimate sacrilege to make fun of my personal religion :slight_smile:

I have two Yomega Star Wars varied Fireballs. One is Darth Vader and the other is Master Yoda.

YAY! Starwars

Fear leads to anger anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. - Master Yoda

Half ya, but a lot of the jokes in it were super original. It was like really funny jokes in a star wars setting.

And those sound awesome

beam me up scotty!


I think you posted in the wrong thread… just ask one of the mods to help you out.


XD Oh that was a bait. XD Funny though.


Can’t wait for the new Movie!!!

Yoda FTW!!!

Whats star wars?

Just kidding.

Ok good because if you didn’t know what starwars was I would have murdered you on the spot “whew what did I say?” “Oh my I’m terribly sorry about all this”

I’m dyslexic, so I was looking SUPER close at my title to see if I some how spelled star wars wrong. XD

can we also talk about how satisfying it is to type starwars.




anyone going to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in April? Come say hi at the booth (back in the autograph area) :smiley: