Sports anyone?

Does anyone play sports, do you play competitive? do you play for fun?

I play competitive hockey, we play all over the west, and its one of my favorite sports, as it is unique in its own ways.

I also made my coach mad enough to ban yoyos from the locker rooms. :rofl:


I was the captain and ace of my team in HS, but I haven’t really played too much in college.

I’m also currently the President of the billiards club at my university if you count that as a sport :joy:

Also. Inb4 someone says they play the sport yoyo



I find Hockey captures the American Spirit if there is such a thing than any of the other sports we claim as ours.

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Well if by American you mean North American, i.e. Canada. :slight_smile:


I play one sport, it’s called yoyoing.

I play hockey, but only for fun. I’m from Canada

I play Football, Basketball and Baseball!

Basketball and Cross Country

Once upon a time. Football. I wrecked my back one year and sat out the rest of high school football. I didn’t want to mess my back up more. They were kind enough to let me be the film guy though so I still traveled with them. I cherish those days. Football might have messed up my back but it made the kids who used to beat me up respect me. Maybe because now I was allowed to crush them. I don’t know.

Once upon a time in my youth I played football for a few years, wrestled for a few years, but my main thing was baseball and skateboarding. I played baseball into high school, and skated for about 8 years when I finally stopped due to a knee injury (I cared more about playing drums than skating and chose music instead of further injuring myself skating).

I do competitive kayaking and I also like footy.

I played golf competitively for a few years in high school. Really glad I ended up with golf as my sport; It’s one of the few you can play your whole life!

Pickup basketball every day. I used to play football and baseball growing up.

Basketball all the time growing up. Played in school, stopped playing for the school team sophomore year, after I got into it with the coach. Played a number of fund raising games with former NBA players, still play when I can and get glimpses of my former abilities, but then a little voice pops up in the back of my head telling me to take it down a few levels I’m not in my 20’s anymore :joy:

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Played baseball as a kid, but havent played in years. I still like to play tennis occasionally with friends, but I busted a string on my racket and need to get it restrung. Does trap shooting count? Because I do that with friends occasionally as well.

If one can’t ice skate is one really Canadian?

Boarder cross

Wrestling. Both collegiate and freestyle rules. That was pretty much my middle school thing. Haven’t done it sense, but I still remember enough to be able to watch it and know exactly what’s going on.


I swim the 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke, and a 50 freestyle in a relay. I end up yoyoing a lot on the pool deck and ‘walk the fish’ often

I also hit one of my teammates in the nuts with a yoyo because he said the N-word.

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