Other Sports?

What other sports do you like to do or watch?

I am a huge Hockey fan and I used to play a bit but couldn’t afford the gear. i am also a martial artists, I was in marching band for 4 years, I fence, Horse ride and do archery!

I play Xboxone as a hobby also. I also love watching UFC and hiking and hitting the beach!

I was a marathon runner…


Better not steal anything from persson, he will run you down ;D

I was a decent baseball player in my teenage years…Until my knee started giving me problems.

Yea, i feel you! I have a lot of joint problems including my ankles, knees and backs just to name a few. It is really hard but I just power through it to keep training :confused: Someday my body will just crumble to bits.


I’ve played hockey every winter for 12 years. And inline hockey every summer for 10 years.

I do archery, competitive air rifle, competitive .22 rifle and swim team

I am a martial artist and I love fishing, skiing and basketball (also video games if that counts :D).

Another runner. 5k up to half marathon. Once I get crazy enough (or find the right training group) , I will train for the marathon.

I hope soon you run a marathon!!! … Is a beautiful experience.
My best time was 2hours 50minutes and 21seconds, made in the Trevisomarathon 2007.

Hardcore gaming, I that counts ;D I’m also heavily into paintball, it’s really fun.

competitive gaming, freerunning, bmx, skateboarding, martial arts, and i played baseball at one time…

I’m an Olympics nut. For summer I watch diving and gymnastics. For winter it’s hockey. College football season has me fixed on watching Louisiana State, and University of Georgia games, but since I share a household with Ohio State alumni priority is sometimes given to O.S.U. games.

You skate? Sweet! What’s your favorite trick?

I can do fakie tres and like kick flips, heel flips, and 180 no complies the best.

I can at least swim and play basketball but that’s like the standard for a lot of people.

Does mayonnaise weightlifting count as a sport because no, horseradish is not a sport either since I did that as my high school PE and still try to do it when I can

I play basketball and enjoy to hit the tranny park