What sports do you play?

I don’t play a lot of team sports, but individually:
Anyone? Anyone?

I’m on my town’s football team for the eight grade (when the season starts back up). I was also on the 6th and 7th grade travel basketball team for my town until the season ended a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping to make it again next year for eighth grade. I played baseball for a long time even though I didn’t want to (parents forced me). I played soccer for a year when I was really, really young, like 4, so I don’t even know if you can count that.

Football, and I do a lot of weight lifting.

I’m on a year-round swim team, but I did a season of soccer when I was six.

Same! But I did soccer through 5~8 years old. And I used to play basketball and I love playing kickball in my backyard

Ice Hockey - 8 years
I’ve also in the past played golf, basketball and before I picked up Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey. I’ve also been playing Disc Golf in the Spring-Fall occasionally for 2 years now.

i wrestle play rugby and i have played a bit of football i was the canadian wrestling champion for my weight class 2 years ago and played on my provincial team for rugby

Tap dance :wink:


curling muhahaha

You going to Minnesota state YoYo contest 2013? I am

football,volleyball,racquetball,tennis,ping-pong,swimming,7 years of soccer

Ok I’m an everything sort of person so don’t be surprised…

Baseball, tennis, soccer, ping-pong, basketball, hockey, track… And may more that I don’t feel like listing because I don’t like wasting time.

Used to play a bit of competitive volleyball and indoor soccer. These days it’s mostly recreational tennis and a bit of cricket when I can get my mates together.


Hot dog eating

My max is 3. Trying to get to Joey Chestnut’s 68 dogs in 10 minutes.

If we’re counting food eating:
6 or 7 prices of pizza in like 30 minutes
6 whole taco bell tacos in about 15 minutes.

Basketball (Main Sport)
Soccer (Goalie)

Well, if we go way back when in the time machine, I lettered in Baseball, Football, Wrestling, and Tennis back in high school. Baseball was my best sport, I had a few scholarship offers before I blew out my shoulder. I could hit 91 on the gun and had some pretty good breaking stuff.
Nowadays, I lift weights pretty regular, play golf from time to time, and command softball during the season.

dude that’s pretty cool. I love baseball. We’re you a starter, closer or reliever?

Basketball is the only sport I’ll play. Badmitton is fun too, but I’m not getting caught playing it…