other hobby's

What are your other hobbys. you know besides yoyoing. my hobbys are bladesmithing, Playing my guitars, mechanical work, and now keyboard playing and some video games on the side. well later and remember keep it spinning.

I’m a gutar addict aside from yoyos, and i’ve been playing keybord for 5 years, I also surf and skate and when im not doing any of these things im plaing vidio games

I am a 3-sport athlete in high school (wrestling, soccer, and baseball). :stuck_out_tongue:

Soccer, playing my saxo, clubbing.

Yo yo all I’m big time into longboarding and slide boarding check us out…

3 months ago i broke my leg in six places, so my yo yo’ing has gone through the roof ;D
just got back on the board so all good!
easy now justin

That vid rocks. I tried to skateboard like 2 years ago. busted my face of the side walk trying to do a kick flip. so i never really got back to it. but iv never done any slide boarding before. later and rember keep it spinning. and for you keep it sliding.

well, besides yoyoing, i like going to the driving range or playing golf. I LOVE tomb raider games. Cooking. Playing with my two dogs. riding my bike. Studying prehistoric life(i want to be a paleontologist when i grow up :D) if you dont know what paleontology is, its pretty much digging up and studying fossils, mainly dinosaurs. Reading anything science related, I rock at science. Thats about it.