What is your favorite hobby??? (Maybe top two.)

My favorite hobby is golf. i am a scratch golfer (0 handicap.) that means i shoot at least par for an average. there is no such thing as a negative handicap. i have been playing since i was eleven. i am 26 now. I also love to ride dirtbikes and street bikes. i have a 2000 model kdx 220 dirtbike and a pitbull 2008 custom street bike. i was just wondering what the hobbies of everyone else was.

Man y is it like everyone is cooler than me? I yoyo and watch tv.

I’m not!! YoYo and uh… hm… friends?

My top two hobbies would be music (I play the electric bass guitar) and eating. Most of the time i enjoy eating anything with sugar. I<3 whipped cream.

do video games count :stuck_out_tongue:

if not I yoyo and play lots of sports

For me there is not such thing as favorite hobby, because if it is a hobby you practice, the it it because you really like them. ;D

Ok…I’m gonna count school as a hobbie :wink: So Yo-Yoing and school! See I have a life!!!

Both my parents and my sister are workaholics and their ways have been instilled in me. I work at Wal-Mart in the Pet Department and Burger King, where I am a Drive-Through runnin, sud bustin’, grease filtering, Whopper making machine.

In my spare time I like to play video games, mostly Action, Shooters, and RPGs.

I like to stay up all night reading manga on the Internet, illegally downloading immense amounts of music all while watching infomercials ( I LOVE infomercials!) and loudly singing along with the eclectic assortment of music videos that accompanies late night television.
Does anyone watch Mad Man or Breaking Bad? I’m quite obsessed at the moment.

Oh, I also quite enjoy picking up women at whenever possible e.g. when I walk out my frontdoor. Nightclubs are like shooting fish in a barrel but I prefer any particular retail because women tend to be much more enjoyable to talk to and it is much easier to find girls who are interesting and cute. I find that any art store, bookstore, or
being at Wal-Mart are the most fun.

Oh and I also like to dance very badly but I always enjoy myself. My breakdance moves have impress only impress those with no skills of their own.

I also like to draw and I was quite into writing graffiti not too long ago. I’m not quite active but I have vandalized quite a few buildings in my day. I ramble often and irrelevantly and I try to read every night before bed. Current reads: The 48 Laws of Power and The Zahir. Both amazing.

Man, no wonder I’m always so freaking tired.

I seriously thought i was the only guy that’s watching infomercials. I never buy, just watch them for fun.

Wow…you have a life, congrats, lol. And welcome to YoYoExpert!

I like to shoot pool. I was in several local tournaments when I was younger and now the wife and I just go out and shoot for fun. I will say that I never hustle pool, it cheapens a great game.

hmmmm, i would have to say… electric guitar and…
how about…
nah umm…
so there u go

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg ;D

besides yoing I enjoy magic tricks and I am getting paid $50.00 this Friday for doing a magic show with some yo-yo’s incorperated in it. My other hobby is Model Railroading.

Yoyo and Guitar are at the same level right now.