Spending Money


So, I’m just over here being a tight-wad. I have a hard time letting money go. Rarely do I make impulsive decisions when it comes to money. Electronics are what gets me the most excited about spending though…

What are some things NYYR you people spend your (or your parents) hard-earned money on?

(Erik Kerber ) #2

I just bought a Gopro but thats kinda yoyo related for me cuz I’m gonna make yoyo vids with it.


I’m a sucker for Rapala lures. Can’t leave a store w/o one. Electronics run a close second.


Stationery and random badminton gear.



I bought a camcorder recently and now saving up for a needed laptop.


I’m a HUGE gadget/toy person. I’m into cameras, camcorders, game consoles, tablets, mp3 players, book readers…all that! I’m looking to spend more money on clothes/shoes now though. I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I think looking nice is more important as you get older. Not necessarily dressing up, but better quality and a bit more variety. I’m trying to grow in that area this year. I won’t buy a lot of clothes, but top shelf. Not the very top, just the shelf above where I buy now. :smiley:

My spending habits depend on my resources. I let that dictate. Some years I make more money than others, so it really depends. My friends are traveling quite a bit, some have kids, they might have better clothes, and in some cases, better cars. The trade off is that the money I don’t spend on those things, I spend on what I want instead. Everyone has choices, and I find that, at my age, resources depend on choices. For younger people, careers and choices are still being created.


You are so right TotalArtist! As you become older your choices become more finalized. Sometimes I wonder why people waste money on certain things and then it becomes clear to me that everyone is different. Everyone has their own wants and desires that make them tick. It should never be more evident that you have free-will and can do whatever the F— you want with your life. Do what you want and make yourself into the person you want to be!

Hmm… I think I started to veer off-topic a little… oh well, I’ll leave it. :smiley:


Legos…I’m almost 30 years old and I still can’t leave a toy store without a lego!! Usually my son and I pick one out together and we build it that day, if it can be done in the amount of time before bedtime…


The only kind of real money I make during the year is during the summer when I work construction, so I usually don’t have a lot of disposable income. Unfortunately most of the money I’ll be making this summer will be going towards a new car/investment account.

I recently bought a Nexus tablet on a whim because I got it for a steal and it helps with school (tablet + downloaded .pdfs = a looot cheaper than textbooks). I was using my phone for my textbooks but the Nexus is bigger :stuck_out_tongue: Plus that PPI! Ooh la la.

But yoyos and car insurance get the majority of my money…Except when it comes to a fancy new electronic that I just have to have.


Us adults LOVE toy stores and the older we get the greater the attraction. Especially when we shop with grandkids. I play with toys, particularly yoyo’s, and use the little Spending Money I have available on toys for me and the kids.


Have you gotten Lego SE’s? I have had a lot of fun digging thru my Lego box over those.


I don’t get why people spend money on, like, plants. Or boutique decorations. I find it stupid. My mom and I went to a store and she walked by a 20$ plant, and really wanted it, and I was like “Mom! With the money you spend on that plant you COULD buy me a yoyo!”

I was kidding of course, but I did eventually convince her to put the plant back because my baby sister would just destroy it anyways.

Yoyos though: I think of how many hours I’ve used the yoyos I have, and how much , say, seeing a movie is. A movie ticket is about 10-15$ now a days, and each movie lasts about 2 hours. So my Shutter was 45$. Let’s say that’s 4 movie ticket. So 8 hours of play… I played 8 hours of it in the first 2 days I had it!


LEGOS and… Music related anything. I just bought 100 dollar head phones


Studio equipment, photography equipment, and shoes.

(kclejeune) #15

Cubes, electronics… Yeah.
Especially electronics. I’m not afraid to drop a wad of money for an awesome computer.


N tons of yos ;D
I already got all my studio equipment
n I used to buy games every otner day


Shoes and clothes, DVDs sometimes, started collecting HotWheels recently. That’s about it. Not counting yoyos obviously.


Yeah… I’ve gone through phases where I’ve spent a lot of money on various things such as, clothes, shoes, electronics, games, game systems, computers, tablets, phones, toys, bikes, skateboards, paintball… of everything, though, I’ve never lost money. I only buy things when I know I can, at least, break even should I decide to get rid of it. I HATE losing money…


lol I been there too
but I feel like I lost someone when I spend so much on somethings I really don’t care for lolol :smiley:
I get over it tho


Whenever I do have money I tend to spend it fast. Not that i’m impulsive, but whenever I have money it means my parents make me pay for things they would generally cover, so the longer I have money the more I lose if that makes sense.