Sometimes I just HATE being honest.

I recently traded for a gold version 2 YYR Stargazer and wanted some pads for it. I went to YoYoExpert because they stock the pads and I love their customer service. i ordered two sets of red pads and paid for two sets of red pads. I received the package of pads today and instead of two sets of red YYR pads I got two Dreadnoughts, in red of course. Being the honest soul that I am, I called them to explain what happened. I could tell that the customer service rep., Matt, was kinda shocked that I had actually called them to explain the mistake. What could I say, I still needed the pads, LOL. Long story short, they are sending out my pads, and a prepaid envelope for the Dreadnoughts. While I REALLY wanted to keep them, I just would not have felt right about it. I did play one, and now I am even more excited about the Stargazer I have coming. Thanks, YoYoExpert for giving me a chance to play a Dreadnought, I’m glad I could return the great service that you have shown me in the past. I know where I will be going for one of those new Pink Addictions when they come out.


:o wow those look amazing. Good for you. What a mistake that was. Did you play with one enough to write a review? ;D

I am keeping them mint for YYE. I did not play with one enough to review, just long enough to know that I REALLY like the YYR shape. The Dreadnought is huge in the hand but plays so nice on the string, very floaty. I really want to take one outside and Eli hop the heck out of it but I don’t want to risk damaging a $150 yoyo that I don’t own. I am now eagerly awaiting my Stargazer. :slight_smile:

I’ve been in a similar situation with some uber expensive markers…yea, it hurts to be honest sometimes. I feel for you.

Good things happen to good people, so I have been told.

Good for you, I feel for you. You want to keep the error to benefit your self. But you choose the higher ground.

:’( Clap Clap :’(

I wish I had luck like you. That would be a hard situation though haha.

did you have the angel and devil on your shoulders sorta feeling? I would’ve

Totally :slight_smile:

In the end it was an easy decision. They have done right by me in the past, including sending free sample pads when I asked a question about which would play better in a yo-yo. The least I could do was call them and let them know the mistake.

That was very honorable of you, I would of called them, and asked if I could of kept one ::slight_smile:
If they said no, i would of had to ship em both…In the end they would of found out, and your reputation would of been tarnished…Its just not worth it.

Oh, I half jokingly asked if I could keep one. I couldn’t not ask. ;D

Glad you did the right thing, it is nice to know that atleast there are still some honest people still out there in this world. :slight_smile: A lot of people would’ve done otherwise and kept it.

I…I’m gonna go buy some red YYR pads now… lol, just kidding.

I don’t know if I could do what you did, I would have to be faced with it to know.

I probably would have, I didn’t want that bad feeling in the back of my head while I played them. That’d make me feel too bad almost to play them.

I would say this guy deserves some thank you’s. Honesty Deserves reward, its too rare today to go unnoticed

I don’t deserve anything, I just did the right thing. If I hadn’t, I would have been no better than the jerk who stole my friend’s custom anodized Punchline at the Cal State Competition.

Wow… Your a great person! If it were me I wouldn’t have touched them… I’d pack them back away and go whoa! Not getting attached! Wow… Thats crazy

I would have not known what had happened, and ceeped the droughd nought

YYE sending out the wrong thing is a big surprise. Prolly won’t happen again for a LOOOOONG time.

Also I am not surprised about how honest you are. I would be surprised if you kept them! You are a good man!

Thanks Casey, that means a lot.