Something brought up in the chat.

So recently in the YYE chat room, some throwers were saying that it should be ok to use swear words if they want in the chat room if not the forums.

Many of us explained that we can’t have swearing here on YYE because there are younger kids here and we need to keep it clean. Also some parents might look to see what kind of things their kids are exposed to.

Some then stated that “Kids are going to be exposed to swearing and profanity in everyday life anyways, and parents who are concerned about it are being overly protective.”

Well me just say, yes it is true that in the world, kids, teens, adults everyone is constantly exposed to swearing and profanity and whatnot. Outside, inside, online, its everywhere. And kids of all ages will most likely be exposed to it often in their everyday lives.

But heres the thing, YYE both forum and chat, are meant to be a place where everyone can also get a break from all that.
Its like if someone was outside in the hot sun, constantly being hit by the suns harsh rays, they would want a break from that eventually right? And they would go into the shade. Nice refreshing shade.
YYE is like the shade to the violent Sun rays of the internet. A place where you can go and talk with like minded individuals about the things you like, free from the profanity you may be exposed to quite often.

And saying a parent is being overprotective if they are watching what their kids are looking at online making sure its clean? I am no parent ok, but I know that if I was, I would want my kids to have a place where they could go online free from anything bad, I would understand that they will most likely be exposed to some bad stuff outside, but I would be careful to see what kind of stuff they look at online and be highly appreciative of places like YYE who keep the place clean.

Now I know there are going to be some who still think swearing and profanity should still be allowed in the chat, but its not for you to decide, its Andre’s site and he can choose what’s allowed and not allowed. And if you have a problem with it, I hate to sound harsh, then you don’t have to be here.

Much thanks to Andre, and the Mods for keeping this place clean and tidy.
Keep it up!

Thanks for reading.



Weird how some things people find sometimes insightful, when they should simply be common sense.

Agreed. Swearing out of context is unwarrented, and used by those with an unexpansive vocabulary, too small of one to describe what they feel, or simply too lazy to use them.

Eh, I thought it was pretty obvious that cussing on a forum dedicated to a toy would be an anathema. Though I guess I wouldn’t care if they went into a private chat room where nobody could see what they we’re discussing.
Do we have private chat rooms?

Yes, profanity is not allowed, but didn’t we agree on that two years ago? What is with all the public service announcements as of late? We have rules stuck at the top of the General section. So what is the point of restating them?

i agree to
kids should have a fun time on chat and YYE

DUDE, NICE SPEECH. I wish everyone on YYE forums could see this. I totally agree ith everything you said in it too. I think that might be sticky in the next couple of days.

I don’t think it will be a stickey because there’s already a forum rules right above this.

Yeah, good point, but i would still make it stickey if i were a moderator

There is no need for swearing here, the fact that people actually want to swear here is bad enough.

Good post. Love Jayyo.

The answer is on the rules thread itself. Check out the number of views it has. Just a little over 4200. Now that thread was created almost two years ago. If the thread has been around for 730 days(two years), the thread only gets about 5-6 views per day. Compare that to the whole mess of new members joining the site everyday. Even if only a fraction of that number ever posts in these forums, not everybody reads the rules, let alone refresh their memory every now and then.

Great post

I am a parent, as well as an Admin at a pokemon site.

If children have free roam on the internet they will be exposed to things that I would prefer they not be exposed to. My job as a parent it to make sure that my kids only visit sites I trust that are run by people I can trust to keep it clean. My job as an admin at the pokemon site is to make sure that other parents can trust allowing their kids to join that community.

This site being a store/teaching/community site, caters to people of all ages, and as a toy, mostly marketed toward kids. I don’t see why anyone would advocate the use of swear words.

SRSLY, is this really that much of a problem? This is why bans and moderators were created. To deal with ignorant and/or malicious users who can’t grasp simple concepts like “Dont Cuss” and “Don’t Post Pornography”.
Pretty soon I’m going to have to flip through 2 pages of stickies to get to the new posts.

hate to say, but yes, it is a big problem. The amount of swears kids use on this type of environment is insane. Kids don’t understand that swears don’t make you cool and they take all of the class one has away from them. And Dude, use better examples next time, not

i agree
it is a big problem

swearing isn’t really a problem on the forums. Maybe occasionally a new guy might, but that’s near unavoidable.

I could tell you how to keep cookies chewier longer, but is it a problem? no. And it is a secret I shall take to the Grave…

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Man our forum members are just making awesome posts right and left. (the “Dream” and “Respect” posts) And now this! :slight_smile: I agree. This place needs to be a place that is welcoming to everyone, and it usually is thanks to the mods and others. But in the cases there is cursing, it needs to be stopped. Anyways, awesome post and I agree entirely. :wink:

Agreed, great post Josh! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

Bread on top of the Cookies in the cookie jar! ;D

some people think that swear words are cool but the’re not and they
should’nt be displayed on this site

you must be a kid b/c you don’t find swearing bad. :-\