Just a quick reminder.

When Andre says no cussing he doesn’t mean just typing it out. He also means in songs for video and even abbreviations. Remember there are little kids here too. This is supposed to be an all aged site. Like what if a parent is checking out YYE to see if it is safe for their son/daughter and they see a lot of swearing and don’t let their kid get on the site? How would they learn tricks? Thanks for listening! And remember keep your mouth clean.


dude i know you mean no harm but we have moderators for this and most people will say or someone will post “language warning” or something but dude noone really cusses in typing but in songs its just the song that goes well with the yoyoing and they want that song if it has a cuss word so what i mean one of the best songs in the world called “your gonna go far kid” is great to yoyo with but has a swear word in it but noone else seems to mind and most kids have heard the song before and they dont mind a couple words of swearing in a song you cant control the words in the song but if it goes well with the song i say use it. thanks for trying to help but this thread is kinda pointless

Honestly for me it depends on the word. Is the song drops n F bomb a few times it will be pulled.
If anyone hears this please hit the report button and describe what is up. No need to say the word in the description either. Just say cuss word.

If your song has swearing in it, simply post something like language warning with the video. YYE doesn’t really have the power to make us put certain songs in our video, but they can remove our posts, so language warning is much better.

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I’m gonna not read the posts and post this anyway. :slight_smile:

Well for some of us guys who are religious cussing is really offensive so I was just trying to keep this place clean.

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Yes Samad, a language warning is fine. But if the words are too bad or too often then they will be removed.

Nothing wrong with that. Also those words shouldn’t hurt any religious people.

If people just post language warning, don’t watch the video. Simple as that.
Though I do agree with Icthus if it is too much, then it should be removed.

i agree with samad on this one, if there is a cuss word in a song you made a yoyo video to, post a language warning, but if you’re making a video and it’s a song that has a whole lot of cursing, i would think common sense would dictate it to be completely inappropriate. everyone knows that this is an all ages board, and some things can be overlooked, but use a little sense when posting, and there shouldnt be a problem. if there is the moderators will let you know i am sure of it!

a good solution also is to just use techno music. people cant get offended if the music has no words to it!