language in the forum

i am a little confused because i thought that there was no swearing in the forum and i have seen three different scenerios.

  1. a person had language in their video and the got someone pointed out that it was inappropriate.
  2. someone had swearing in their video and marked that it did and it didt make people mad
  3. someone had swearing and didnt mark it and nobody said anything
    so can you have music that swears if you mark it or no swearing at all?
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Only in the video section, If you label your video music with vulgar language, It can be alright. The severity of the word is also taken into consideration. I don’t like anyone using vulgar language but in this sense, we can tolerate it a little. Only in the video though. If there is not warning about language then it will either be removed or the warning will be put in place.

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I agree i hate listening to the swearing in the songs and in videos. It proves that our world is changing and letting things be a habit that used to be looked down on.

Swear in music has been around since before you or I.

I often don’t get to use the music I like, because even with a disclosure, its just too offensive to some.

I swear like a sailor in person, but generally, not at anyone. And if it is, it’s usually a friend who retorts in a similar manner.

I know there is a time and a place, I don’t swear around younglings, or people who I know don’t like swearing. Im not ignorant, but Im my own person as much as the next guy.

Some songs lose all emotion without swear words. I have tracks that F repeats 6 times in a 13 word chorus. But it makes the track!

I tend to drop notice of P’s and Q’s when posting the video, or in the video itself.

The reason for the warning in the videos is so can mute it before you start it.

Or turn it up and listen carefully. :smiley:

Thats the Aussie way

Get over it. If there’s a warning then there’s a warning.

Now if only there was a way to fully get rid of it in the chat… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

And I’m guessing swearing is as old as language. Not sure where someone would get the idea that people haven’t been swearing like sailors since before there was even seafaring. :wink: