music for competitions (language)

i am going to be competeing at mwr and i want to use this song

this song perfectly fits my freestyle but it does have some language so i was wondering if any one knew if i would be disqualified for this

I would find a radio edit of it if you want to use it.

But I was thinking that Jensen kimmitt used simple as by kid cudi in his California states 2010 and that also had language but he wasn’t disqualified.

Check with the organizer or head judge of the contest you’re going to for an official answer.

I work in pro entertainment, with my main emphasis in live sound production. But I also have experience in studio, stage/theater, remote and live recording, radio, TV and more. I’m open minded and language issues don’t bother me.

HOWEVER, we have to realize that there’s going to be little kids present and overly protective parents who want to protect their “precious num-nums ears from the nasty-wast-ies” despite probably swearing like former sailors turned truck drivers in training for an international swearing contest while at home. Look for a clean or radio edit. Besides, it give you the safe route and that might be the difference between how a score could go down if it came down to you and someone else who used a a clean track.

Then again, there’s a Cee-Lo Green song I’m sure we’re all aware of. Great song, too bad the language is an “issue”.

I’ve seen people get away with a tiny bit of language, but it can’t be VULGAR. One swear can be fine depending on the context, from what I’ve seen. I’d ask to be absolutely sure.

See, if I was in charge of what goes on the radio, I would’ve just skipped that song hehehe. They butchered it.

Good rule of thumb. If you have to ask. Pick a different song.

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