Music Question


Would I be disqualified for using Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive during a freestyle?


I don’t think metaphors are punishable, neither is lack of good taste in music ;D


unless it has a lot of swearing. but if you know how to edit music and have a good software you could blur them out.


Lol “dirty vibe” wasn’t exactly appropriate, but both marcus and hiroyuki used it, And were ok so it shouldn’t be a problem


If you are not sure about whether it will be appropriate, your best bet would be to run it by the organizer(s) for the specific contest you are entering beforehand. Some organizers or judges may be ok with certain songs while others might not be, so asking what is appropriate in general won’t necessarily give the most reliable answers. As long as you ask them in advance, most organizers would be happy to listen to your song or check the lyrics and tell you if it is ok to use.

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As an even more general rule of thumb, if you have doubts, it’s better to just not use it.

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Yeah. As a person who watches a lot of freestyles, I don’t like it when the music is questionable. Remember that there are probably going to be sub-10-year-olds at whatever contest you’re using it for. Organizers want their event to be kid friendly, so be mindful of that.