Inappropriate music at Nationals


There has been quite a bit of discussion about one, possibly two, YoYoFactory team members who had inappropriate music for their freestyles at the National YoYo Contest this past weekend. I’m just curious why, if this is true, the players weren’t disqualified? Inappropriate music has always been cause for disqualification in the past. Is there a reason that it didn’t happen in this case?


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This is the wrong place to ask.

Thats where you ask the questions.

This is a good place to DISCUSS the question though, but I don’t think anyone here is a head judge other than Nathan.


I remember one year there being about 5 cases in prelims, but no one got dq’ed.

The key is whether it was brought to the attention of the judges DURING the contest.
Usually, if no one complains at the contest, it slides.


I hear the words so much it’s faded into the background to me.

Not my call. I don’t have “language issues”. I’m not a good person to ask. The stuff doesn’t bother me. I guess I’m too in favor of preserving artistic integrity and 1st Amendment. Even so, there’s times and places were certain language may not be considered appropriate, and I do agree that a yoyo contest is not the right place.

Better than those kids who have to keep doing a drop edit to cut out the “bad words” that as someone playing back the audio, it makes me suspect the file is corrupt, the disc is bad or some other issue. Honestly, PLEASE pick the clean version or choose something else. Lots of artists choose to make “non-stickered” versions of many of their tracks if not entire albums. Oh wait, that would require buying CD’s to get at least a version that doesn’t sound like a$$.(yes, ALL MP3’s sound like a$$)


No music was flagged as being inappropriate by any judges and no complaints were mentioned to either of the head judges or the contest director.


Who were the 1A judges?


Augie Fash
Paul Escolar
Andre Boulay
Johnnie DelValle
Matthew Fernandez
Yoshi Mikamoto
Bill de Boisblanc


Can you cite examples of people being dq’ed in the past?


The main example off the top of my head was a French player at Worlds 2 years ago.


Clement at Worlds 2011 and Yuuki at Nationals 2008 are the main examples of DQs at major contests that I can think of.

I know there have also been a few at Regional/State level contests over the years.