Music Guidelines

Hey guys, I am entering FL States and I was just wondering if the song I was going to do is appropriate for the contest.

The best people to judge that are the people running the contest.
But judging by the text that shows, I’d say you’re going to have a problem.
What the heck do we know.

I’m partly running that contest and I can tell you that any vulgar language will end up in s disqualification. Same rules Worlds has.

This is the clean version so like it is ok that it says like dope. Cause that is the only thing bad it says.

As long as there are no vulgar words then you will be fine.

Define “vulgar”…

Just kidding.

Typically, it’s usually along the lines of “If you have to ask, chances are you should pick something else”. Not always true, but that seems to be the rule of thumb to go by.

I always recommend asking that kind of question though, just to be sure.

I think you should use a different song. Not because of any offensive language, but rather because using it for a yoyo freestyle is basically saying NOTHING TO SEE HERE GUYS, YOU CAN GO BACK TO HANGING OUT NOW.

Odd. I feel that way about at least 80% of the music chosen for freestyles

Every song that has a music video (which that one does), has a clean version, so just download the clean version of the song. In the “radio” friendly or clean version, they edit out all the explicit lyrics and overdub with a substitute word. In rap music, they will often just cut the word out altogether. If the song gets you in the mood to do your thing in a freestyle, use it, just pick the right version of the song. Good luck.