Is only english music allowed in U.S. competitons?


I’m looking to create my first ever freestyle, not for any competition since there aren’t an in my area for a few months, but I just want some practice for when I go into a real competition. My first language is English, but I enjoy songs in Spanish more usually. I have never heard a song at a U.S. competition in another language and I haven’t found anything in the rules that says this is not allowed. Does anyone have some insight on whether I would be allowed to use a Spanish song in a real competition?

(2Sick Joey) #2

You can use any music you want as long as their isn’t any profanity…although I’m not sure how that rule applies to other languages.


What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


I’d still be cautious, it’d be awful to deliver a killer performance only to be dq’d


I’d bet it would be a lot safer to use a language not common in the area if you have to use one with profanity. I’m sure Spanish swear words are a lot more well known in say Southern California than Minnesota.