So, what kind of string do you use?

(ClockMonsterLA) #122

So in the absence of neon yellow YYSL strings (Type X or Plutonium, to be precise), what would be the recommended alternative?


OOOOOOH SILK. Can we talk about how awesome that is. If I could find the right bulk, right type etc I would have an entire line of that. It has the potential to be one of the it strings, but it’s just hard to sustain.


Other exotics not discussed here: kevlar.


Haha yeah, the silk I bought was like a weird grayish color. I didn’t want to waste a lot of money if it wasn’t going to work well, but it did make a decent string.

(Spinworthy Glen) #126

I use cotton strings every day. :smile:


Right but you have to or the strings melt. Different requirement :wink:

({John15}) #128

I’d give it a spin. I’ve often thought about it, but never pulled the trigger


Cotton can be used for unresponsive play although no one does it anymore. Toxic Strings made a string called Lacers a few years back. They had the look and feel of poly, but 100% cotton. Not sure the ‘recipe’ or type of cotton, but it can be done.


Yeah I’m done with cotton string after throwing a Luftverk Daytona and having it fly across the room, and the tile floor.

That … was not a good day.

(And that was 50/50 cotton poly too!)


I remember those. I never tried them, I always wondered how long they lasted before they snapped


My guess was mercerized cotton


It is generally pretty chill around here but one rule we do need to enforce is no direct linking to other yo-yo stores please. This is yoyoexpert and hosted on their dime and all :wink:


Sooooo… No economy for you then. Well theres 10 things I could persuade you towards.


Hands down, no questions asked Heart Strings “The White.” The closest thing to a perfect string I have ever used.

Honorable mention: Big Bang Bandalores String Theory

Favorite Bulk Strings (rarely use): Kitty Nylon 1.5 and Werrd Blue Print

(Ken) #137

Double reed family! I play bassoon😁

(ClockMonsterLA) #138

We are clearly drawn to things that are masochistically challenging…

(Pantheon Throws) #140

Anybody heard of tabby strings before? If you ever want something fun and unique, tabby strings are BY FAR the strangest strings I’ve ever used.

({John15}) #141

Nope, never heard of them. What are they like?

(Pantheon Throws) #142

The feel of the string when not in play is something like a rubber band made of velvet. Almost unreasonably bouncy, and softer than anything I’ve used. Then in play, it’s VERY whippy. Nice heavy string as well, makes it easy to direct. The rubber band thing kinda comes into play as well, whenever you do a slack trick, it feels like the string moves way faster than you intended it to. It also never gets string tension… At all. I don’t know how, but the string never crosses over itself, no matter what you do with it.

(Pantheon Throws) #143

It also grows a sick afro after you cut it, so THAT’S always a plus :joy: